Are Drug Polluted Rivers Endangering Aquatic Life?


New research has found dire effects of cocaine on European eels, traces of which usually get mixed into water as part of an illegal drug cycle.

Under the influence of cocaine, this endangered species of native fish is likely to be affected by an impaired reproduction along with some other critical physiological hazards. Cocaine enters the natural water world via wastewater, bringing these eels into direct contact with the drug.

European eels have already been declared as an endangered species due to complex patterns in their migration, and overfishing, as well as water pollution. The situation for these European eels has worsened in the recent times due to the high concentration of drugs in rivers.

What Do Studies Say?

A study was conducted on eels by putting in similar levels of cocaine in water (as found in rivers). After exposing the eels to water with traces of cocaine, significant changes in their condition was observed.

This sudden change in eels is instigated by an increase in a stress hormone that is said to induce fat consumption in their bodies. Under the influence of this drug, many of the bodily functions of these fish were found to be highly affected, including their brain, muscles, gills, skin, as well as hormones.

The influence of cocaine on these European eels is also found to result in severe muscle swelling and breakdown, another reason to worry about the wellbeing of this endangered species. Muscle swelling or breakdown directly restricts the ability of the eels to swim long distances directly affecting their migration practices.

Moreover, the breathing abilities of these eels are impaired under the influence of cocaine.

The Harm Caused

Significant changes noticed in eels under the influence of cocaine include;

  • Hyperactive Behaviour
  • Impaired Gills
  • Muscle Swelling/Breakdown
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Impaired Reproduction
  • Reduced Strength

The only solution to this problem lies in restricting illicit drug production along with the proper treatment of wastewater. There is a need for an active movement that works for restricting illicit drugs, not only for the well-being of humans but also for preserving the lives of many other water-dwelling creatures.

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Has your Mobile Phone got anything to do with Cancer?

Yes – says a recent study!

Mobile phones continuously emit RF radiation. Whether you are using it or not, a switched on wireless device is always establishing links with cell towers, thereby emitting radiation on a continuous basis.

A recent scientific study backed by the US government clearly and openly indicated a link between mobile phones and cancer. The study, conducted on rats, threw light on the effects of mobile phone radiation and its link with cancer. The study talked about a “clear evidence” of cancer caused by mobile phone radiation on the basis of a heart tissue cancer occurrence in the tested rats.

What is the Stance of Mobile Phone Industries on it?

In the past, there have been other studies that indicated links between mobile phone radiation and brain tumours as well as genetic damage. Moreover, there have been studies that have proven the biological impact of wireless devices by heating our tissues.

Despite this, the mobile phone industry has continued to mislead and deceive users regarding the risks of mobile phone radiation. Ignoring all such claims made by scientists, the mobile phone industry has continued its propaganda about the harmlessness of mobile phones for human use including use by children. Every day the mobile phone industry comes up with newer versions of their previous technologies without any pre-market testing.

What Can You Do?

Do any of these claims regarding mobile phone use and its link with cancer impact your mobile-use habits in any way? Well, if you are convinced with the scientist’s views claiming the health risks of mobile phones, you must follow these simple tips –

  1. Restrict mobile phone use by children as much as possible, as their thinner skulls make them more susceptible to the ill effects of radiation.
  2. Keep your mobile phone as far from your body as possible.
  3. Do not keep your mobile phone under your pillow, at a bedside table or anywhere near you while sleeping. Switch it off or use flight mode to stop radiation from affecting you in any way.
  4. Try and avoid longer conversations on a mobile phone, instead use a landline with a corded phone for the same.
  5. Constantly switch sides of your phone while communicating to spread out the duration of your exposure to the radiation.
  6. Last but not the least, avoid mobile usage in case of weak signals and while commuting from one place to another.

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