If Sugar Is So Harmful to Health, Why Consume Fruits?

Why Consume Fruits

Everyone has heard about the ill effects of excessive sugar consumption; the question is does that include the natural sugar in whole, fresh fruits?

The sugar in fruit separates into glucose and fructose, similar to the sugar in different food items, for example, cakes and treats. This can be dangerous for some people, especially diabetics, who need to carefully measure the amount of sugar in their daily diet. But that does not mean that we completely avoid eating fresh fruits.

Wholesome Profile of Fruit

Despite the fact that fruits contain sugar, it is also a rich source of many other vital nutrients for example, vitamins, minerals, water and, in particular, fibre. The fibre moderates the assimilation of sugar in the body, which means you don’t get the spike in glucose that accompanies expending sugar in different structures. Moreover, fruit regularly contains less sugar by volume in comparison to other sugary items, like, frozen yogurt, as explained by an enlisted dietician, Joy Dubost.

The fibre additionally adds to the feeling of ‘fullness’, helping you eat a proportionate amount of food. There is confirmation through research that eating wholesome organic products increases years to a person’s life as it marginalizes severe issues like cancer or malignancy, weight related issues and coronary illness.

Fruits, though a source of sugar, are a ‘good’ source. Natural sugar does not harm the body in ways that free or unnatural sugar does. For example, the sugar obtained from 1 glass of orange juice will only be consumed upon eating around 6 fresh oranges. Thus, if a person is trying to lose weight, cut down on sugar or eating healthy, the same rules of ill-effects of sugar do not apply to fresh fruits. Keep away from sodas and artificially sweetened products and treat yourself to fresh sweet fruits.

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7 Health Benefits Of Orgasms That Will Rock Your Socks

7 Health Benefits Of Orgasms

Needless to say, having sex is good, especially if it culminates in an orgasm. Most people believe that an orgasm is merely the climax of sex and something which gives you an inexplicable feeling of pleasure.

However, what most people don’t know is that sex is incredibly beneficial to the health as well. So if you are someone who is interested in learning about the 7 mental health benefits of orgasms, then read on! –

1)      As anyone who has had an orgasm would know, that orgasms go a long way in helping to relieve stress. In this day and age, stress is one of the biggest problems people are forced to deal with on a daily basis.

2)      Many people find it hard to forget their problems and keep calm. In this regard, orgasms are highly effective in bringing about a sense of calm. This sense of calm allows people to clear their minds and think straight.

3)      Orgasms, and sex in general, help to bring people together and make them feel connected. Orgasms are therapeutic, especially for those suffering feelings of loneliness and insecurity.

4)      Irrespective of your age, when you have an orgasm, you feel younger. This may be due to the fact that orgasms improve and regulate muscle strength, bone density and even body fat.

5)      By eliminating feelings of irritability and distraction, orgasms will instantly make you more focused.

6)      Believe it or not, when you have an orgasm, or even sex in general, it brings with it an increase in one’s self esteem. People, who do not get sexual gratification on a regular basis, often end up feeling insecure.

7)      Getting an orgasm, goes a long way to bringing about a feeling of tremendous happiness.

These are simply a few of the health benefits of having an orgasm. As beneficial as orgasms may be to men and women alike, keep in mind that it is essential to always use protection, especially if you are just having a casual fling with someone who you have never really met before. Having safe sex using a condom will not take away from the experience at all.

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Take matters into your own hands, whether you have ‘good genes’ or not!

Take matters into your own hands, whether you have ‘good genes’ or not

The nature vs nurture controversy with regards to people’s psychological ability is something that has existed since time in memorial. Yet when we discuss health, people the world over cannot seem to put a finger on whether it is our genes, the environment in which we live in or the lifestyle which we follow, that has the maximum impact on our overall wellness.

Interestingly enough, recently, Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America went for his health check-up and despite his busy schedule, his erratic eating habits and his flamboyant lifestyle, his doctor said that he is in great shape for a man of his age. This would seem to indicate that genes do play an intrinsic role in determining one’s overall health. When considered in an objective manner, it does seem that, of the three factors, our genes seem to play the most dominant role of all.

Some common diseases that are more often than not transmitted from one generation to the next include-

  • Heart Diseases,
  • Diabetes,
  • Cancer,
  • Blood Pressure Related Issues.

It truly cannot be denied that people who have ‘good genes’ are less susceptible to getting certain diseases.

Though genes play a major role in determining people’s health, your environment as well as your lifestyle have a part to play also. People working in a poor work environment run the risk of contracting certain life threatening and problematic diseases as well. Take for example, factory workers, who may be forced to inhale certain toxic gases on a daily basis are very likely to contract lung diseases or other breathing issues. Additionally people living terribly unhealthy lifestyles, by eating only junk food and not participating in any physical exercise are also likely to be affected by major problems. This is backed by recent research.

So, despite the fact that genes may seem to be playing the more dominant role when it comes to our health, the fact that our genes are out of our sphere of control means that we should make it a point to take care of our lifestyle and the kind of environment we expose ourselves to.

Rather than focusing on something we cannot alter it is a better idea to work on the things which are in our hands!

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Nutrigenomics – How does it help in weight loss?

Nutrigenomics How does it help in weight loss

Nutrigenomics is the study of how the nutrients interact with our genes and the eventual effects on our health. Even though it has been around for a long time, only a few people know about the Nutrigenomics. In 2003, several scientists have completed the Human Genome Project which is a sequel of the entire human genome. This project has sparked interest in the masses about the idea of determining the ideal diet by using the genetic information.

Currently, there are few nutrition companies that are recommending diets based on people’s cheek swab or blood sample.

The role of Nutrigenomics in weight loss:

The ever-evolving science and technology have a huge impact on our daily lives. Many innovations are coming up within the weight loss industry to help people maintain proper weight and fitness. Nutrigenomics is the latest addition to the list of weight loss techniques that we have today.

The gene mapping of a person helps in determining the perfect exercise and diet plan for them to lose weight. Diet plans that are based on one’s genetic mapping may vary completely to the formal diet plans.

Different types of tests are available to determine a person’s genetic mapping. After understanding a person’s genetic mapping, the nutrigenomic expert may recommend appropriate diet plans and physical activity depending on the genetic mapping of that person.

Formal diet plans usually don’t work for everyone. Our body types are completely different from each other. So, practicing diet plans according to our genetic mapping can benefit us in a huge way. Now, we can opt for the appropriate diet plan that suits best for our body type. Even though this approach is still in it’s infancy, experts believe that nutrigenomics is the future of weight loss techniques.

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