Sanakey Analgesic Pain Relief System

Sanakey Analgesic Pain Relief System

*You have the ability to relieve pain without pills or potions.

* Incorporating the latest technology. This hand held pain relief device is intuitive enough to locate the source of pain. The device begins working as you slide it on your skin over the affected area.

Sanakey - Chemical free pain relief








*The Sanakey personal device may provide fast and effective pain relief of conditions that may include:

• General Aches and Pains,
• Neuropathic pain,
• Pain from injury,
• Aggravated Joint pain,
• Chronic back and Neck conditions
• Osteoarthritis pain

Analgesic TENS-type system for pain relief ARTG ID: 260053

*If you are a member of a health fund you may have the possibility of receiving a rebate from your fund supplier toward purchase of the Sanakey device. However, you will need to provide the details of the device as below when you inquire.

Please note: most health funds provide a rebate, not all.

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