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Moisturising Hand Lotion 75ml

A moisturising hand lotion, enriched with Macadamia Oil and Aloe Vera moisturises and protects the skin leaving it feeling soft and renewed. It is the perfect handbag accompaniment.

RRP: $24.95, SALE PRICE: $12.45

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“Absorbs fast, no film. This is one of the Divine products I love, it absorbs fast and doesn’t leave a film on my hands, its also one of the only creams that doesn’t leave my hands feeling dry if i don’t use it all the time. I find others make my hands dryer if I don’t use it all the time. Love it!”

“I started using the hand lotion on my post-menopausal skin and I couldn’t believe what a difference it made in only a week. My hands were looking so old and dry but after only about 5 applications I could tell the difference. The dry loose skin on my fingers noticeably improved and the backs of my hands are rejuvenated beyond what I thought possible at 60.
The awesome part was that I thought to try it on my feet as a moisturiser. I have suffered with cracked heels and dry skin for years. I had tried everything from heel balms to soaking and wrapping in plastic, sleeping with socks on trying to create moisture. At times I haven¹t been able to walk because of my cracked feet. Sandals for the summer were not an option but after using the hand lotion on my feet I can now say goodbye to cracked heels and even went for a pedicure and bought some new summer sandals today. I am over the moon!”


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organic australian groceries and products