3 best ways for you to lose weight

3 best ways for you to lose weight

According to several studies, about 69% of the people are working out to drop a few pounds or maintain their fitness. It’s a widely known fact that only a few of them are being successful at it. The problem here is, everyone doesn’t know the appropriate diet plan for themselves. Recently, people all around the globe are shifting to the DIY diet plans. DIY or to be more specific, Do-It-Yourself diet plans are the type of diet plans which are flexible according to one’s body type. Many people have come to the conclusion that formal dieting doesn’t work.

A diet plan may not work for everyone because everyone is different to each other in term of the body types. You need to find the appropriate diet plan for you in order to shed some weight off your body. Continue reading to find out the three best ways to lose weight.

Gluten-free diet:

People usually misinterpret the effects of this protein on our bodies. This type of diet plan is simple and easy to follow. You just need to eliminate the foods that contain wheat, barley, and rye from your diet.

Periodic fasting:

Don’t go hard on the calorie cutting process. Try to maintain a balance by feasting on a couple of days and fasting on the other days. Follow your strict diet plan for 5 days and loosen up yourself on the other 2 days of a week. This may find you the right balance and help you in losing some weight.

Diet that’s low-carb in nature:

Everyone knows about this weight loss method. Also known as Atkins, the low-carb diet evolved into a much more advanced way which is currently known as the Ketogenic diet. Cutting down the carbs and sugars usually force your body to burn the fats rapidly.

Join a group!

There’s another great way to lose weight  – and that’s to participate in a group of like-minded people with a similar goal in mind.

A Dr Cabot 21 day trio cleanse and detox may sound like a long time in our busy schedules, however, the end result will have you feeling so much better about yourself!  There is also a Facebook page dedicated toward your goals should you choose to purchase the detox and join.

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Our genes and their effects on our fitness

Do you know that our genes affect our behavior in every aspect? Genes have the ability to support you through everything or at the same time, simply break your way. People who’re looking to maintain proper fitness or lose some weight need to understand the genetic nature of our body. People must get a complete understanding of the way genes work and the impact of it physically and psychologically. Science, diet, and physiology are interlinked to each other. Genetic mapping is a very important factor that determines a person’s health and fitness.

When it comes to fitness, everyone wants to achieve their goals by working hard. But many people fail at it and may wonder why. To dig more into this topic, you need to understand what type of genes affect our fitness and how. The following 5 genes are related to the fitness and may help you achieve your goals if you understand the way they work.

  • FTO:

Usually referred to as the ‘fat gene’, this gene is linked to the weight gaining risk. This type of gene is genetically programmed to consume more food. FTO increases a person’s appetite which eventually leads them to consume more food. If you’re carrying this type of gene variation, you may need to follow appropriate diet and fitness plans which are compatible with this gene.

  • ACE:

A gene that’s linked to the athletic performance and endurance. You need to follow the diet and workout plans that are appropriate to this gene variation.

  • CYP1A2:

CYP1A2 is the gene that produces a type of caffeine-removing protein. Different variations of this gene produce different levels of the protein, which makes a person either slow or fast at the caffeine metabolism. Getting to know how you metabolize caffeine can help you in the long run.

  • UCP2:

This gene impacts your body metabolism rate. A fast metabolism can be a really bad thing for you because when the metabolism is fast, most of the food isn’t converted into energy. So, make sure that you know your body’s metabolism rate and follow appropriate diet and fitness regimens.

  • LCT:

LCT is the gene that’s responsible for the production of the enzyme lactase. It is the enzyme that digests lactose. Knowing your LCT variation can be a great asset in the fitness and diet planning.

The Inner Origin Company has recently added the exclusive Truly Yours DNA test kits to the platform.

Two DNA tests are currently available for you to provide information to your fitness coach or nutritionist, with more to come.  They may be a little skeptical at first but once they can read your personal results they can tailor make a  correct plan for your body type.

You will feel the benefits!

Living each day to the full

living life to the full

Hi there!  Take a seat and I’ll grab myself a coffee.

That’s better!

I was your age once and possibly told a lot of good advice which I didn’t recognise at the time.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t from my father.  I’ve tried to remember anything he’d told me that was worth remembering.  I don’t count bad Dad jokes.  Just not worth it!

Writing this I am currently 51 years young.  I’ve lived life more in the last 10 years then I did beforehand.  Possibly due to a massive change in my circumstances.  But more about that later.

Right now I’ll let you know what has happened in my life.  My mother disappeared when I was two years old and my sister around six months of age.  We were moved off to our uncle and aunty.  When I was 12 we were reintroduced to and moved back in with our father.  What a shock that was!  Very much a different life.  He was a worker, no worries about that.  He was also a drinker and violent, as we found out.  As soon as I turned 18 I took the opportunity to leave.  I had a job and went.

I had several jobs over the years in a wreckers, service station, motorcycle centre and warehousing.  So, I ended up with a drivers license and forklift ticket.  I was quite proud of the fact I could use a machine to pick up a ton of block chocolate and place it on a pallet rack or truck.

Moving forwards my 10 year relationship deteriorated through stress as I was not able to find full employment with the skills I had developed.  I left the relationship 2001 and moved into Brisbane, Queensland and started life again.  I was offered the opportunity to learn how to use a computer and I took it.  When I then was offered a business opportunity, I took it.  The business didn’t work out as well as I was told, however, I found it to be a great introduction to business life for me.

I was then introduced to Toastmasters to help with public speaking and presenting in general.  Getting involved in a supportive business networking club gave me lots of direction with the other skills I had developed.

Opportunities seem to appear when you don’t expect it.  A mate of mine in early 2008 asked if I wanted to go to the USA and travel Route 66?  I agreed and applied for my passport.  A couple of months later I attended a tarot card reader.  She told me I’d be catching several smaller planes and not going to the USA.  I thought she didn’t know what she was on about!  Two months later I received an email asking if I’d like to participate an a fundraising expedition to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania?  “Hell yeah” was my response!  That is where the several plane trips came in and fulfilled the tarot card readers reading!  The planes got smaller the closer you get to Tanzania and the same size planes on the way out.  That was March of 2009.

The next week after returning home I joined a martial arts club with curiosity.

Whilst in a business club I joined the committee to understand what happens in the background of a club.  Bloody politics is everywhere!  I took on several roles over time and the final financial year ending 2012 of that club running I was the President, giving me the opportunity to MC the breakfasts and manage the committee meetings.  Whenever MC’ing the breakfasts I didn’t use a run sheet like previous Presidents.  I’ll let you know why later.

Through all of this I committed myself to the Karate.  In November of 2016 I achieved my 1st Dan Black Belt.  A lot of sweat, some tears and frustration.  I’ll tell you why later!

No matter how your day is today the sun will rise again tomorrow.  So live it, accept what you are able to do and be open to possibilities.  That may be doing something for someone you don’t know and moving on.   If you brighten a persons day randomly it will come around and you may not realise it.

Some time ago I was walking through the carpark at my local shopping centre and I heard a person inside a car thumping at their car door.  The window was down so I asked what the issue was.  They’d caught the belt buckle in the door and couldn’t open the door to get it out.  They sounded very frustrated.  I asked them to hold the door handle as if to open the door.  I then gave the door a bump with my hip directly under the window frame.  The door popped open.  I said “There you go.  Have a nice day”.  Without hanging around I continued on my way home.  About three weeks later I went to the same shopping centre to the fruit shop and grabbed a dozen eggs.  I went to the counter and a voice behind me said “I’ll pay for those”  All I could say was “thank you”.

My random act of kindness had come full circle.  I don’t know if the person was the person in the car, or, a bystander.

My message to you is to just live life and beware of your surroundings.  If you are able to help someone you don’t know and it brightens their day you’ve contributed a random act of kindness.

Oh, better let you know I’m blind.  I found out at the age of 26yrs, March of 1993.  I have Retinitis Pigmentosa , a deterioration of the retina.  I’ve lived more of a life since I lost my sight then I did when I could see.

living each day to the full

Live life and love it, because the alternative is pretty dark.

Brian Haupt, Queensland, 10/12/2017

Each day you get up is a great day.

Written for 1000 Ripple Effects due for publication in November 2018.

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