Benefits of Working out in Bare Feet

Did you know that ditching your shoes while working out could actually help you in tremendous ways? Well, it can! Grounding – that is feeling the earth, is said to contain natural healing properties for the human body. When you touch the ground with your feet, you form an electrical connection with the earth. This connection with earth has been shown to relieve inflammation, pain, and stress by providing a better circulation for your body.

The Chinese too believe in a constantly pervading natural energy of the Universe which is termed as Chi in their culture. Chi is believed to be the life flow that moves in all our body parts and it is something that holds a central place in martial arts.

Take a look at how working out barefoot can help your body in different ways –

  • Working out barefoot can contribute to strengthening your arches, toes, ankles, shins, and even your knees. These joints are otherwise at the risk of becoming weakened due to wearing incompatible shoes for long hours.
  • Working out barefoot is great for your overall body structure and stability. So if you are working out in bare feet you are not just strengthening your feet, but also your entire body.
  • Your feet are the foundation of your body and the nerve endings in your feet connect to other nerves in your whole body. On the whole, working out barefoot challenges the mobility of your body that subsequently helps to improve it.

The Hygiene Factor –

One factor that needs special attention before going barefoot for your training is Hygiene. Working out barefoot is not only unhygienic but also risky as it increases the chances of slipping and getting an injury. Hence, it is always a better idea to go for special barefoot shoes that can help you with great arch support. With their seamless toe dome, Xtreme Kinetic shoes can help you at great lengths during your yoga, Pilates, or squats sessions.

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