Getting on with things

Getting on with things

If you’ve been reading my blogs for some time now you’ll understand that health and fitness are important to me.  Not only for living and having a standard life, but because I have been participating in the Art of Karate for the past 11 years and, being of a  a high grade student, I believe, I should be able to handle a fully physical class when we eventually get back to a proper dojo.

With the COVID virus making our lives more stressful and confined I have been resilient and innovative to ensure I keep up a regular schedule of training.  Whether that is to wear the Karate Gi and train with a YouTube video that a higher grade Sensei has made to keep students motivated and engaged, or, participating in a Karate Zoom class in my lounge room. 

In order to participate in a Zoom class I move the lounge and mats to give me space.  I am not able to  perform a full kata, a series of combinations with Stances, kicks, strikes and blocks, due to the space in my lounge room.  However, I am able to do three to four move combinations.  Only moving forward and backward by three steps.

Before COVID I was attending the gym each Saturday morning.  So with the lock down I have been keeping up a regular practice by doing a work out here at home.  What helps me, I believe, is the music I choose to listen to!  With a Google home device I am able to listen to any radio station in the world.  I enjoy up beat blues music and I’ve found  a station that plays what I like at the same time I work out.  It gives me variety and inspiration to build a sweat.  Which is so important to me!

Something else which is important to each person’s well being is clean fresh air.  So, each Sunday my girlfriend and I walk up and over Mt Coot-Tha, here in Brisbane, Queensland. The trails we choose to walk are of a variety of inclines providing a different challenge each week.  We choose the trails to make us sweat and find it a wonderful work out for our legs and lungs. Each time we go we notice how much further we can get before asking to stop for a breather.  As I’m blind there’s an added challenge of exercise and walking on unstable ground. My girlfriend participates in pole fit classes and she is really appreciating the extra exercise, even though she is shattered by the time it takes us to get to the  BBQ for lunch!

“Every journey is an adventure and every day is an experience. “

My intention in writing this blog is to show that even though times are different these days with COVID it doesn’t mean you should curl up and wait for the gym to open or hope that friends will ask you to get out and go somewhere.  You are the person who defines your goals now and for your future.  Many people have been forced to realise that jobs may not always be there and that money doesn’t come all that easy. 

In response to this, people have had to alter their routines and way of thinking about their future and what sort of lifestyle they wish to live.  Many people have lost their jobs and have had to be innovative in how they supplement their income.  Great for now!  Who knows what will happen once the businesses are up and functioning again.  Businesses have down sized, not only in the office, but in the number of employees too!  I know of this as currently I am also ringing businesses and talking with staff who are working from home.  Technology is on our side right now and that is facilitating restructuring.

There is an option for your future lifestyle and you have the choice of what it will look like.  Mine is to be fit, healthy and help as many people I can to improve their lifestyle to be what they want, not what they feel they have to settle for.

I listened to a Zoom call today by the company I am associated and I heard a wonderful term for a single mother.  Sharon, five time world boxing champion, calls herself an Independent Mother.

Know anyone who wants to be an Independent Mother?  Let me know!