“Exercise is Good” – but why?

Exercise is Good

“Exercise is Good” has become a slogan. Even people that barely or don’t do exercise say it!

Many of us evade exercises for reasons like; “it makes me sweat”, “my your body aches the next day”, “it doesn’t fit into my schedule”. However, once you learn to embrace physical exercise, it is so rewarding not only for the physical benefits but also for the mind and soul.

Physical exercise, especially aerobic exercise, have positive effects ranging from the behavioural to molecular level on the brain. It has powerful effects on both the body and the mind. During exercise, the central nervous system and the pituitary gland in the brain produce hormones that are responsible for good and happy feelings.

A quality dose of daily exercise is important to maintain good health, prevent chronic diseases, boost your sex life, and, help you have a healthy life in general.

What other motivations do you need for you to pick up your shoes and move your body?!

1. Healthier heart

Physical activities help cut down our LDL cholesterol that contributes to clogging arteries, thereby improving heart muscle functions, maintaining normal blood pressure, and boosting your blood flow to help prevent blood clotting.

2. Weight control

Inactivity is known to be a major cause of weight gain and obesity. Exercises help to shed excess weight by burning excess fat in the body and keep the body fit and in shape.

3. Reduce stress

One of the mental benefits of exercise is stress relief, and boosting your body’s ability to deal with mental tension. It helps you manage physical and mental stress by increasing concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that can moderate your brain’s response to stress and anxiety.

4. Chill out and Happy Chemicals

During Exercise, your body produces endorphins, the natural brain’s ‘feel-good’ chemicals which trigger feelings of happiness and euphoria. These enhance your sense of well-being and prevent the recurrence of depression.

5. Improve self-confidence

Exercise improves your physical fitness which in turn boosts your self-esteem. Exercise can quickly uplift your perception of attractiveness irrespective of your weight, size, or gender.

6. Better Bed Game

Blood circulation, staying fit, vigour, mental fitness, and self-confidence are all functions of good exercise, and these are factors that improve libido and better sexual function.

7. Sleep and Relaxation

It is most likely impossible to have 2 to 3 hours of exercise before bedtime and not be able to fall asleep. A moderate workout can be a better substitute for sleeping pills.

These and many other reasons like staying “forever young”, managing addiction, brain function enhancement, and sharpening memory, tapping into creativity, and inspiring others around you, are some of the many reasons to get up and workout. Go for it!

Tips for Choosing the Right Physical Exercise

  • It is always advisable to check with your doctor first to know your which types of exercise are suitable for your health condition
  • Choose activities that you enjoy to avoid easily losing interest along the way
  • Your exercise choice should fit your lifestyle and daily schedule
  • Join a workout class or exercise with friends who’ll hold you accountable
  • Workout daily. Morning exercise is good to kick start your day as it helps to prepare the brain and body for the day’s tasks
  • Safety first. Always observe safety precautions to avoid injuries

Exercise isn’t just about the kms of running, the heavyweight lifting and the other rigorous activities, but also about the little twists and turns you can do anytime in your kitchen, on the bed and in your lounge, the deep breathing, the little jumps, and Yoga.

Either rigorous or mild doesn’t matter, what matters most is the result of being in touch with your inner self while nourishing your body and soul and achieving the goal of a better life.

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Vegan Ideology : Planetary Health Diet

vegan ideology

Vegans have understood for years that a plant-based diet, contributes to improved health not just for humans but also for the earth.

The best practicable diet for anyone is to limit meat consumption and sugar intake, even while consuming twice as many vegetables, nuts, and fruits. The diet recommends an intake of around 2500 calories daily and emphasizes the importance of vegetables and plant protein.

How Good is This Change?

According to scientists, thousands of lives could be saved by switching over to the Planetary Health Diet. It is known that diet is one of the major causes of ill health in the world. This is a dietary system that calls for enormous reductions in the use of red meat and global changes that have never been achieved before.

Though intimidating, it is aimed at saving the planet and saving its people. The world is needs a new narrative, and we all have to contribute if we want to save our planet. Nobody wants to watch our beautiful home planet get destroyed, hence it is of great importance to change the way we eat and grow food for the best interests of all – now and in the future.

The EAT-Lancet Commission reported that the major population of the world is poorly nourished and many environmental systems and processes are pushed beyond normal ground by food production, which is the reason food system transformation is urgently needed globally. It’s a slow progression, but Vegan recipes are growing in popularity as homemakers try fasting, ‘meatless-Mondays’, and other healthy practices. Home cooks are seeking more vegan dinner recipes, spices, and flavors to add to their lists.

An Example of Recommended Daily Intake

Nuts – 50g
Chickpeas, beans, lentils, and other legumes – 75g
Fish – 28g
Carbs – 232g of whole grains such as wheat rice, corn, & oats and 50g of starchy vegetables
Eggs – 13g (approximately 1 egg & a bit weekly)
Meat – 14g of red meat (beef lamb &pork) and 29g of chicken & poultry
Dairy – 250g – the equivalent of 1 glass of milk
200g Fruit (or 2.5 servings of fruit)
300g of Vegetables – (or approximately 3-4 servings)
31g of sugar
50g worth additional fats like olive oil

Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits is already a regular thing for some, while the idea can be scary to some others. You can have a portion of fish and chicken a week, but the rest of your protein will need to come from plants.

 Benefits of Following the Planetary Health Diet

Researches indicate that the diet could greatly reduce life-threatening illnesses related to poor diet, such as heart disease, strokes, and some cancers, potentially preventing up to 11 million premature deaths annually if globally adopted.

Food production is currently responsible for up to 30% of global greenhouse emissions. A planetary health diet aims for reduction of these production processes and the transportation of food products.

A cut down on the consumption of meat aims to save and preserve wildlife and creates a better planet for her inhabitants. Encouraging the farmers to plant the best crops, and giving them value for their efforts, allows this to be sustainable.

Tips for Planetary Health Diet

Proper planning is vital, planting a wide variety of (seasonal) fruits and vegetables, and ultimately cutting down on waste.

It is proven beyond doubt that vegan ideology is a positive one for our planet, and a planetary health diet is the only way to preserve the planet for future generations. It is high time we all align with this and work together to save ourselves and save the world.

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At Groceries for Health – We are a revolution in health and wellness, delivering wholesome and natural products — sourced predominantly from the communities we live in to provide for the community we serve.

It’s an exciting new way to shop, and to live, creating a path to emotional, material and wellness abundance!

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Improve your immunity with essential oils

Improve your immunity with essential oils

These days, a strong immune system is more important and, sought after than ever.

Keeping healthy involves ensuring physical and social distancing, regular hand washing, use of hand sanitizer, proper nutrition, proper sleep, and means of boosting and strengthening of the immune system.

It is the perfect time to explore new ways to boost your immune system against the flu, common cold, other respiratory infirmities, all other illnesses, and to enhance a generally healthy life.

 One simple way to boost your immunity and improve your immune system naturally is to add immune-boosting essential oils into your daily routine.

Data increasingly supports the effectiveness of herbal products, and the continued acceptance and application of herbal medicine in the prevention and treatment of diseases also involve the use of plant essential oils (EOs) through different directions of use (aromatherapy).

These oils are well known for helping through sickness and supporting overall immunity. They are mostly organic, serving preventive and response purposes, and are most effective when used frequently in small amounts.

Many essential oils resist illnesses and support overall health simultaneously;

Arborvitae essential oil

  • very effective  purifying and cleansing agent
  • protects against seasonal environmental threats
  • could be mixed with Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Siberian Fir

Cardamom essential oil

  • deeply effective on the respiratory system due to its high cineole substance, clear breathing, clean airway, and overall respiratory wellness
  • helps relieve stomach discomfort
  • cold be mixed with Peppermint, Lavender, and Clove

Clove essential oil

  • rich in antioxidant substances
  • great cleansing and purifying agent
  • promotes cardiovascular health
  • blends well with  Rosemary, Copaiba, Wild Orange and Cinnamon

Eucalyptus essential oil

  • boosts overall respiratory health; cracks up congestion and reduces inflammation in the lungs – excellent for hot showers, saunas, and facial steams.
  • stimulates the immune system when inhaled and keeps illnesses away.
  • antimicrobial action purifies and cleanses
  • suitable with Peppermint, Rosemary, and Cardamom.

Frankincense essential oil

  • helps develop and maintain a healthy immune system through its boosting impression on white blood cells
  • aids cellular health
  • could be mixed with Copaiba, Lavender, Wild Orange, and Myrrh

Lemon Essential oil (lymph tonic)

  • helps to rid the body of the cellular waste during illness
  • helps to relieve respiratory discomfort and congestion
  • blends with Manuka, Basil, Peppermint, Siberian Fir, and Rosemary

Oregano essential oil

  • has cleansing properties and provides great antioxidants (from carvacrol and thymol)
  • usually used for immune support
  • could be mixed with almost all the other essential oils.

Tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)

  • effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-microbial, and stimulates the immune system

Peppermint essential oil

  • helps to clear airways and promotes easy respiration.
  • could be mixed with Grapefruit, Spearmint, Lemon, Wild Orange, Basil, Coriander, and Tangerine

These essential oils can be used in different combinations and applications to support boost the immune system, and prevent colds and flu during its spread. You can also use them to prevent the flu and cold from hitting bad by quickly attacking with the essential oils.

Here are the 3 Vibrant Healthy essential oil blends that help immune systems and shield you from exposure to toxins:

For Immune Boosting

You are taking an essential step in preserving your body with an oil blend that comes straight from the plants themselves. Eucalyptus has purifying effects, tea tree and peppermint will purify the air while the laurel and lemon leaves will expand the airways and ease breathing, improving your immune system.

For DIY Immune Boost Inhaler

3 drops Tea Tree
2 drops Lemon
3 drops Rosemary
2 drops Eucalyptus
4 drops Frankincense


  • Apply the essential oils to a cotton wick and put the cotton in the inhaler, breathe in the medicinal scent as desired.

DIY Immunity Diffuser Blend

2 drops Cinnamon
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Clove


  • Place this cleansing blend in diffusers in your home, specifically in areas family members spend times the most. It’s important to keep the air and the lungs safe while you protect against infection and disease.
  • At night-times, add a few drops in a diffuser in bedrooms – this is great for calming the senses and aiding restful sleep.

DIY Immunity Roll-On

2 drops Lemon
2 drops Tea Tree
2 drops Copaiba
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Jojoba Oil


  • Add all essential oils into the roller bottle, top with jojoba oil. Roll onto chest as needed for immunity support.
  • Or you can get InnerOrigin ready-made and purified Immune booster Essential oils blend which is suitable for all these purposes and more.

Winter Rescue

With innerOrigin Winter Rescue Remedy you can be sure that as you purify your home, you’re helping to remove bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Combining the organic aerobic and respiratory boosters of eucalyptus and tea tree with antiviral, calming and harmonious properties of lavender oil, this helps preserve the body and the home.


For Shower

Add 3 – 5 drops of InnerOrigin Winter Rescue Remedy in the water for your morning shower to prevent bacteria and to ease tension as you start up your day.

For Purifying Spray

Add a few drops of InnerOrigin Winter Rescue Remedy to a spray bottle filled with water for a natural surface cleanser

For Diffuser

Add 3 – 5 drops in a diffuser and place in living areas and bedrooms helping you disperse Winter Rescue Remedy safely through every corner while enriching the quality of the air for a soothing and calming experience.

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At Groceries for Health – We are a revolution in health and wellness, delivering wholesome and natural products — sourced predominantly from the communities we live in to provide for the community we serve.

It’s an exciting new way to shop, and to live, creating a path to emotional, material and wellness abundance!

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Prosperity: Simple Physics

Prosperity: Simple Physics

I’ve been reading Randy’s blogs and listening to his podcasts since 2003. I think the message really resonates with our current times and I often find them poignant. I’m grateful for the opportunity of bringing them to you here – hope you enjoy the read as I have!

Reposted with permission from Randy Gage

There’s a lot of mystery, misconception, and superstition infecting our spiritual and religious beliefs. Unfortunately, a lot of this illiteracy bleeds over into our beliefs about money and prosperity in general. Millions (perhaps billions) of people see the manifestation of prosperity as some mystical, unknowable process. I posit that the process is completely knowable and is, in fact, simple physics.

Let’s begin our discussion on the level of the atom. Atoms are single neutral particles and when they group together, they become molecules. (Remember, Miss Crabtree taught you this in the 5th grade.) You, your car, cell phone, and dining room table might appear to be physical objects. But on the molecular level, most of that density is comprised of empty space, with particles swimming around in it. (Think of that empty space as metaphysical substance and the particles as manifested substance, as I describe here.) This isn’t mystical mumbo jumbo, but a reflection of the fact that molecules contain electrical energy whose mathematical arrangement determine the composition of all things.

Both the space and the particles are charged with energy: magnetism, cosmic rays, electricity, and light rays. It’s all energy vibrations and energy can be attracted…or repelled.

This is true not just for you, your cell phone and other things, but also with money, whether dollars, pounds, euros, pesos, rubles or other currencies. I would make the argument that even cryptocurrencies which don’t exist as a physical bill or coin, but instead as an accounting number on the blockchain, still qualify in the energy vibration category.

You create a mental energy state about how you perceive money and material things – and that energy interacts positively or negatively with the other energy surrounding you. You physically attract or repel things, depending on the energy you are emitting.

This action of attracted and repelled energy doesn’t just apply to money and material comforts, it applies in all areas of prosperity, including intangibles like health, harmony, and relationships. (This is why you can walk into a room and instinctively know an argument has been taking place. The angry energy is literally charging the air.)

If you demean money and luxury with statements like, “It’s just money,” or “They’re just things,” you’re certain to repel them from you. Simple physics.

Remember in this podcast when I spoke about how you might be getting an emotional payoff from victimhood? Simple physics.

If you believe people with a lot of money are evil, your subconscious mind will work hard to make sure you don’t become one. Simple physics.

And if for some reason you do become rich (inheritance, lottery, etc.), your subconscious mind will work hard to make sure you find a way to self-sabotage your success. Simple physics.

If you’re a drama queen or king, craving constant chaos around you, you repel harmony. Simple physics.

When you share love, hugs, smiles, empathy, and generosity, you attract even more back to you. Simple physics.

If you imprint a desire strong enough in your subconscious mind, it works to manifest that vision on the physical plane. Simple physics.

This is why I tell you that when you vibrate at a higher level of prosperity consciousness, you will attract the right people and circumstances to manifest abundance in your life. On the metaphysical level, you are bending the universe to your will. But on the scientific level, it’s simple physics.

Peace, RG

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At Groceries for Health – We are a revolution in health and wellness, delivering wholesome and natural products — sourced predominantly from the communities we live in to provide for the community we serve.

It’s an exciting new way to shop, and to live, creating a path to emotional, material and wellness abundance!

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Great Ideas to Simplify Meal Preparation

meal preparation

One fantastic way to cut down on food waste and to save time money is meal preparation. This is the act of preparing a meal, and portioning it out to create grab-and-go meals for later.

Instead of spending valuable time in the kitchen every night, why not spend just a few hours having healthy meals prepared in advance for the week, ready for the table? This is one of the hottest food trends lately and you can try it yourself!

Here are our hacks, tips, and tricks to becoming a meal prepping expert.


First, you have to plan the meals you will be cooking for the week. As much as you may want to make your prepping journey enticing and exciting, it’s important to keep things simple and easy for yourself when first starting!

Once you have a menu, the next step is to create a list of ingredients to shop. Consider the quantity of food you want to prepare, and the budget you have to prepare the meals.

Also take some time to think about portion sizes of your recipes and how they relate to the recommended food group servings when planning your meals


Starting with single recipe meal prep is suggested instead of a meal that requires two or three recipes together. Once you have succeeded with one recipe or meal, you can try two.

You can rotate saved plans once you have 3 to 4 of them saved, this keeps things interesting and saves you time on planning.


Have a checklist of Ingredients and tools to avoid running around looking for items while cooking, as this can become very frustrating.

Measure out the quantity of food you need for your cooking.


Do not experiment or try out new recipes with meal prep to avoid wastage and to save time.

Dice, slice, chop, mince, cut, and mix whatever needs to be premixed or marinated.

Large quantities of food can be overwhelming, so you do not have to do everything at once.

Choose freezer-friendly meals


This a large quantity of cooking you are about to do, so you have to find time to do the cooking. It might take up to 3 or more hours prep meals for the whole week.

Therefore you have to find the most suitable time that will not affect your work and usual daily activities. Weekends are most advisable, as this seems to work best for most people, and allows you to start the week with your meals sorted!


You may want to do the shopping or get the ingredients during the week to save time and ease your weekend workload.


Roast all your vegetables and your proteins at once, this will save you time and power bills.

Meals made in a single pot are perfect for reducing dishes and clean up.

Use a slow cooker! You can leave meals to cook while you relax and do some other things.

Choose foods that can fit into a few different dishes, so you can cover many meals by cooking a large batch. For instance, quinoa can serve as a side dish, can be added to the salad, or as part of a grain bowl. Roast chicken can be added to a soup, can be served alongside a salad, or served in tacos for the whole week. You can as well freeze up leftovers for future use.

Cooked beans and tinned lentils are great to save time, no soaking for overnight; all you have to do is drain and rinse.


It is advisable to buy all your needed items in bulk, to have enough for you large cooking and to save money. You are likely to have discounts on large quantity purchases.

For example (hypothetical), 25kg bulk size of Organic Rolled Oats costs $4.8/kg while 5kg bulk size is sold for $5.82/kg, and 850g grocery size is $9.35/kg.


Ingredients that are necessary and are quick-fix for a meal such as lentils rice, tinned tomatoes, pasta, and frozen vegetables should be stocked in your pantry.

Having dried fruits, seeds, and nuts in the pantry is good for easy snacking or adding an extra element to a meal.

Baking basics are also advised so you are always prepared to get your bake on!


Cakes, cookies, muffins, and other baked goods can be made in large batches and frozen in advance as easy snacks or treats that you can easily grab in a few weeks.


Cooked grains will last for up to four days in the fridge and can be stored in the freezer for a longer time. Pasta and grains are meal prep basics that could be cooked in large batches and used as both the main dish and sides.


Take time to invest in the perfect containers that will keep your food as fresh as possible.

Choose stainless steel, glass, mason jars, plastic or glass containers with an excellent seal, BPA-free containers with lockable lids to prevent spilling.


Containers with a label area are advisable, so you can write the meal’s name, date cooked, and date you’re using it.

Look for containers that are refrigerator freezer, microwave, and dishwasher-safe.

Have them in different sizes and shapes.


When you are done with prepping, and packing, be sure to have done proper labeling before you store them in the fridge or freezer.

Organise by keeping the stuff to be used earliest in the week in the front and put food that perishes first, like and, at eye level so you don’t forget about them.


Keep perishables such as herbs, chopped fruit in the front where you always see them so you don’t forget them.

Clean out your fridge regularly to create space for your containers

Maintain proper hygiene.

Aside from being a money and time saver, meal prep can help you lose weight as it helps to reduce the temptation to eat unhealthy foods and can help you stick to a particular diet.

Share your Meal Preps wins below!

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At Groceries for Health – We are a revolution in health and wellness, delivering wholesome and natural products — sourced predominantly from the communities we live in to provide for the community we serve.

It’s an exciting new way to shop, and to live, creating a path to emotional, material and wellness abundance!

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