Happy New Year! 2021

happy new year 2021

In a few days you and I can wish people a Happy New Year!

Another year out of the way and what a year it has been.  If you invested in Zoom shares, or the after pay type of companies, before the lock down, you will have done very well.  However, you need to cash them in to really feel the benefit.  Me, I play with a little cryptocurrency.  Just easier for me to trade due to my sight impairment and using the Voice Over accessibility option on my iPhone.

I am unsure of your circumstances and how you were able to survive through the COVID crisis.  I do hope you found some way of getting through it with some kind of positive solution.  We are so lucky to have the technology we do these days as business and work  would’ve been hell without it.  With so many businesses and public areas shut down through the lock down the commercial cleaning company I work with lost a number of clients, as did many companies in all industries did.  Thankfully with the NBN and technology many companies with an online presence were able to allow their employees to work from home.  The employees are reaping the benefits with less to no travel time.  More time with family and even more time to do the renovations they wanted to start if they  owned their own home!  Thankfully I’ve been working from home for over ten years and appreciate the freedom.

 I participate in Karate and we had regular Zoom webinars in lockdown and I ensured I was available for as many as possible.  This gave me the opportunity to keep up my skills and prepare myself for the Black Belt Assessment and Grading I achieved through November.  Here in Brisbane we were allowed out with restrictions, so, walking up and over Mount Coot-Tha tracks was a wonderful way to keep the aerobic stamina up preparing myself for the Grading.  Even though we were in lock down keeping up the fitness was so important for me. 

Most of us are looking forward to next year and hoping for a vaccine to keep us safe.  It would be nice to have the national borders open to allow overseas travellers back.  It is so scary now with the number of cases in other countries.  I have said to many people “It is up to the humans how long this pandemic lasts!”

This whole year has been an experience for everyone no matter who or where you live.  We will all remember 2020 in some form 20 to 30 years in the future and be able to tell someone, young or old, about it as we experienced it.  This current event has been a significant period for the human race in history!

I’m looking forward to next year as more people begin to go back to the offices where the companies choose to have employees return.  What about you?  So many companies are continuing with the staff staying and working from home.  If productivity has increased why break the mould now!

Well, hope you were able to come out this end of the year with some kind of learning and able to treat 2020 as an experience.

Please have a most wonderful and safe New Years and I’ll connect next year in 2021.

Take care, Brian

Happy Christmas 2020


Just leaving a short note to thank you and wish you a Happy Christmas.

Well it’s Christmas day only a few days away. I do hope you were able to purchase any gifts early enough to have them delivered? Or, have them picked up and home in time to wrap up to go under the Christmas tree?

This has been a strange year for everyone, however, here in Australia and New Zealand we have come out better then most countries! If you are catching up with family or friends please have the sanitiser close and respect those who wish to social distance.

If you don’t do Christmas for yourself please do it for the children so you can see the look of surprise in their eyes! I know not everyone can afford to do stuff. Find somewhere to go and please don’t spend the day by yourself! If you don’t have a family, find a friend, or a gathering where strangers meet. There are plenty around. You just need to ask the question.

This year I’ll be spending the morning with my girlfriend, having breakfast and exchanging gifts, then she’ll be going to her family till just after lunch. Then I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend with her.

Please have a most wonderful and safe Christmas. Love one another and love yourself.

Catch you next week. Brian

Want Glowing Skin? Here’s how to get it!

Want Glowing Skin

As the skin is the largest organ in the human body, so is the skincare and cosmetic market a very large industry. Thus making the challenge of getting it right with choice and selection of the perfect product a large one, as a different individual have different types of skin type.

What works perfectly for dry skin might not work as much for oily skin, which is why it is important to know the basic essential tricks to maintain a healthy, nourished skin and complexion irrespective of your skin type.

Here are our Seven Tips for you:

1. GO Organic

The usual misconception that organic beauty products aren’t as effective as the unnatural ones is slowly but this is not correct. Many non-organic products contain toxic ingredients and dangerous chemicals that cause harm and degradation to the body in the long run. They often play a part in removing the natural protective barrier of the skin and also weaken the PH level of the skin, thereby reducing the skin’s ability to heal, causing wrinkles and even accelerating the aging process.

The first step to having beautiful, healthy, naturally nourished and glowing skin is to start using only organic products. What you feed your skin matters and it is time you start giving your body certified organic solutions. If you’re just looking for natural alternatives skincare products that work or you’re a skincare enthusiast looking for quality products, InnerOrigin is your sure thing!

2. Skin and the Sun 

Though the skin requires a little sunshine is to soak in some vitamins, UV rays can be harmful and a major enemy for the skin. It causes breakdown of the supportive collagen structure and also weakens the elastic fibres of the skin.

This can lead to sagging, premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, marks, dry skin, even skin cancer over time. Thus, it is most important to take preventative measures and protect your skin from excessive exposure to sunlight in keeping your skin in a good condition. The use of mineral-based Sunscreen is advised (carefully check and select the right product to avoid reactions)

3. What You Eat, is You!

Be mindful of what you put on your plate. Diets rich in vitamin C and low in fats aids radiant and glowing skin. Fresh fruits, sufficient protein, vegetables, and vitamins are greatly advised. Low-sugar diets help to keep insulin levels down and assist cells to maintain a healthy balance. Foods that are rich in Vitamin K help in treating skin discoloration and problems like dark circles.

Reduce or avoid your consumption of fermented foods, fried foods, salty foods, and citrus fruits. Always stay hydrated. At a minimum, drink 8 glasses of water in a day. Consumption of fruits and vegetables with high water content such as cucumber, watermelon, strawberry is greatly advised.

Rosewater helps prevent and reduce puffy eyes in the morning, keeps the pH level balanced, and naturally hydrates the skin.

4. Sweat Out The Unnecessary.

Regular Exercise will aid blood circulation and accelerate the cleansing process of the entire body of excess fats and toxins. Do not apply skincare products before or immediately after a workout. Exfoliate and apply moisturizer to the skin post-workout.

5. Exfoliate and Moisturize

Exfoliate your skin at least once a week and moisturize twice a day.

Removing the outer layer of dead skin cells helps the absorption rate of skin care products, aids smooth skin texture, and brightens up the complexion. Keeping the skin moisturized is a quick way to attain glowing skin.

 6. Rest and Sleep

Be sure to have at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Avoid stress as much as possible.  Your skin can be damaged by chronic stress and can trigger other skin issues. Stress management techniques such as breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation are very effective for skin radiation and glowing.

7. Healthy Habits

Maintain general healthy living habits. Up your hygiene game, keep your clothes clean, as well as your make up kits. Eat and sleep well, and reach for moderation in other aspects of life (smoking, drinking).

Having beautiful, healthy, naturally nourished, and glowing skin is attainable when you follow these simple rules.

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At Groceries for Health – We are a revolution in health and wellness, delivering wholesome and natural products — sourced predominantly from the communities we live in to provide for the community we serve.

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Why Fibre is a Must in our Diet

Why Fibre is a Must in our Diet

We are always told to eat fibre and to have fibre in our diets. But why? Fibre is one of the best possible solutions there are for constipation and healthy digestion.

We can find fiber in fruits, legumes, whole grains as well as in vegetables. Apart from just helping with digestion, there are other more benefits of having fiber in our food too, as it helps in keeping us fit, lowers our diabetes, and prevents us from having heart diseases.

The Benefits of Adding Fibre in Our Diet

Following are the benefits of adding fiber to our diets:

1. Decreases the Chances of Constipation

When your dietary intake is high in fibre, it helps in normalizing the bowel movements. The fibre in our diet increases the weight as well as the size of the stool. When the stool is soft and bulky due to the fibre, it gets easier to pass through. Fibre helps in softening the hard stool and it also hardens the stool which is watery because it absorbs excess water.

2. Decreases the Chances of Colorectal Cancer

A diet that is high in fiber helps to prevent hemorrhoids. Moreover, studies have shown that it also helps in preventing colorectal cancer.

3. Helps in Balancing the Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol can be very bad for your health. It can cause several different issues including affecting the condition of the heart.

A high fibre diet helps in maintaining and lowering high cholesterol levels, ultimately affecting the heart condition positively. The fibre found in oats and beans helps in lowering the bad cholesterol levels.

4. Helps in Controlling Sugar Levels

Soluble fibre is very beneficial for people who have diabetes. Fibre can help in slowing the absorption of sugar and can, therefore, improve the sugar levels in the blood. Moreover, it is also beneficial for those who do not have diabetes in helping to prevent type-2 diabetes.

5 Helps you Stay Fit

Foods that are high in fibre tend to be more filling for our tummies, as compared to food items that are low in fibre. So, if you want to maintain a good weight and stay fit, adding fibre to your diet helps in keeping you full for a long time.

Fibre-rich food takes longer to eat and also prevents you from being hungry. The calories you gain by eating high fibre food are less and the energy is more.

6. Prevents Major Diseases

Many health professionals as well as studies conclude that a high fibre diet helps in preventing major diseases like heart disease and cancers. Enabling a person to live a long and healthy life.

While high fibre foods are great for your health, it is recommended (especially for beginners) not to jump right into it as too much of anything can be harmful.

Start adding fibre to your diet slowly and gradually. PICKLD’s great range of fibre induced products is available at InnerOrigin. These products are not only delicious but very healthy for our bodies too.

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Here are just a few of our fibre-rich products:

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About Us

At Groceries for Health – We are a revolution in health and wellness, delivering wholesome and natural products — sourced predominantly from the communities we live in to provide for the community we serve.

It’s an exciting new way to shop, and to live, creating a path to emotional, material and wellness abundance!

organic australian groceries and products