Why should you Exfoliate?

Why should you Exfoliate

We often find ourselves intrigued by the long skincare routines of make up artists and bloggers. How do they have the time to do so much? Better still, where does all the money come from?! If you look into it, you will realize how most of these people have steps in their daily skincare routines, which are unnecessary. 

So, to make the entire process easy and convenient for you all, we have an article that will solve all your skin-related problems. Because in this article, we will talk about how important it is for us to exfoliate our skin, an important part that bloggers and makeup artists may skip. 

Why is Exfoliating Important? 

Let us now talk about why exactly exfoliation is so essential for our skin. 

Removes Dead Skin

One of the major reasons why exfoliation is important because it removes dead skin. Exfoliating once a week can instantly brighten your skin and also make it appear fresh and smooth. If you start exfoliating daily, in the short term, your skin will start brightening, and in the long term, all pigmentation from your skin will go away. 

Helps with discolouration

The discolouration is one issue that people face all over the world, a very common one too. Its treatment is not easy either. This is where exfoliation works the best.

Limits break outs

Moreover, if you break out a lot and cannot seem to make it stop, then exfoliate! Exfoliation will also help your skin stay healthy. Breakouts and pimples are just oils trapped under our skin, which take an ugly form. If we make a habit of exfoliating our skin, then these oils won’t stay trapped; hence, no pimples or breakouts. 

Reduces signs of ageing

While our skin is perfectly capable of exfoliating itself, with time, the process starts slowing. Our skin then takes more time to rejuvenate new skin cells. As we age, our skin becomes drier, due to which we start getting wrinkles. Exfoliation helps in keeping the youthful glow and freshness stay alive. 

When to Exfoliate?

Now that we know how important exfoliation is and how visible the results can be let’s talk about when’s the right time to exfoliate. Since our cells regenerate at night, so early morning is the best time to exfoliate. We can replace those dead skin cells with new, shiny ones. 

What product to use?

For those who have dry or sensitive skin, go for lighter products. Mechanical exfoliating, which is exfoliating from a brush or a sponge, is a complete no-no for such skin types.

For oily and normal skin types, mechanical exfoliation is the best option. Since mechanical exfoliation is a bit hard, try keeping a soft hand and don’t rub your skin too hard. For people who have a combination skin type, dry cheeks, and oily T-zones, you can do mechanical exfoliation and chemical ones. 

The best way is to exfoliate in round motions on your skin gently. 

Happy Exfoliating! 

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What is Cryptocurrency?

what is cryptocurrency

If we look around, everything in this century is digitalized, and artificial intelligence has taken over the globe like a storm. To keep up with our busy and super hectic lifestyles, manufacturers are focusing on manufacturing things that can complement our lifestyle or somehow add value to it. That is exactly why cryptocurrency is the new great thing.

If you want to understand the concept of cryptocurrency, then think of it as the tokens we get in the casino. Cryptocurrency is similar to that. It is digital cash against which one can avail services and buy goods pretty much like the money that we use but only digital.

Now in 2021, many companies are operating on cryptocurrency. But the question is, how does it work?

Well, for starters, It is pretty much the same as normal money you know of in your bank accounts, but it is not centralized like it. While the banks and financial institutions centralize our money, cryptocurrency solely works on computers and their algorithms.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency:

In this article, we will talk about some benefits of cryptocurrency and why it is the next big thing:

No Middle Party Involvement

The reason why today’s financing is so complicated and tiresome is that now there are so many middle parties, the banks, the brokers, legal representatives, and others involved. Not just this, but the charges and extra cost just add to it and make the entire process super complex.

This is where cryptocurrency gives a huge advantage. There is no middle party involved in the transaction—the only parties involved in the transaction is the crypto holder and the receiver. Nothing more or less. In short, Blockchain streamlines the whole process of transactions. (*Blockchain to be explained in another future article.)

Your confidentiality Stays Intact

One more reason why the cryptocurrency is a better option is that it keeps things more confidential. Our normal accounts in banks and financial institutions are not confidential. There is a record of everything which we have, and the bank does too. When it comes to cryptocurrency, each transaction that takes place is unique.

No Extra Charges

Cryptocurrency makes international transactions easy. When making an international transaction using cryptocurrency, there is no exchange rate.  As the USD is the preferred currency for the transaction in the wallet (wallets are explained on another future article), unlike traditional financing that take a cut of around 3% plus a transaction fee which may be around $30 depending on the amount, crypto transactions may be miniscule.  

Types of Cryptocurrencies:  Of which there are many!

Popular cryptos :

• Bitcoin

The trendsetter and the most popular one out of them all, the Bitcoin. There is also Bitcoin Cash, the only difference between both of them being the size of the block.

• Ethereum

While ethereum is also a cryptocurrency, it is not all about digital currency. It aims to return control to the app builders by removing middle parties so that the developers themselves can make any or all changes.

• Litecoin

This cryptocurrency is also super popular, just like Bitcoin. It also serves the same purpose as Bitcoin does.

Here are some more common types of cryptocurrencies:

• Ripple


• Stellar

• Peercoin. And many more

I’ve found a great introduction to trading and growing your share of cryptocurrency is to download the Coinbase App on your Android or IOS smart device.  Here is my link, and if you were to deposit $150AUD you will receive $13:12AUD of Bitcoin and I will too.  You then can share the App with others, they make a similar deposit and you both receive $13:12AUD of Bitcoin. #The amount may vary depending on the Coinbase company who provide the App. Here’s the link.

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Something else I do is to mine crypto with the Pi App. (*Mining to be explained on another future article.)


How important is Sleep?

how important is sleep

In the past, people didn’t realise the importance of sleep. In this century, when people are more aware, we have finally learned why sleep is crucial. Research shows that having a good sleep is equated with eight hours. However, there should always be balance. One should not sleep too much nor too little as both can have adverse effects on our health. 

Sleeping too much can make us lazy and lethargic. And sleeping too little can make us lose the ability to go through the day and indulge in any other task. Now in this 21st century, when we finally realize how important sleep is, we hardly find time for it, all thanks to our super busy schedules. With work, kids, and other activities, we hardly find time to sleep.

Research conducted shows some rather shocking results. 

Study No. 1

The first study took place in Holland was conducted based on DNA results. The study was conducted on the people who were a part of the screening program, then known as 23 and me. The results were astonishing. The study concluded that more than 30 percent of the people suffered from insomnia. There were degrees of it, but all 30% were suffering from it on some level. The study further estimated that more than 700 million people in the world are suffering from chronic insomnia. This study also showed some variants that contribute to this suffering regardless of when you go to bed, early or late. The two most significant variants found were depression and anxiety. 

Study No. 2

The second study was practised on mice. This study looked into that part of the sleep cycle which gets us ready for the next day. That deep quality sleep helps us freshen up for the new day. This study discovered that our brain has a system to clear waste also known as the glymphatic system. During our deep sleep, this system is super active. This concludes how important it is for us to have a deep sleep.

Study No. 3

Last but not least, this study was tested on some very healthy volunteers studying at the University of Colorado. The volunteers were divided into three separate groups. While keeping their eating habits in check, one group was sleeping for 9 hours for 9 days, the second group for 5 hours for five days, and the third group for 5 hours for 9 days. While weekends were not monitored, this showed that sleeping more on the weekends to make up for the remaining sleep did not help the metabolism at all. 

The point of these studies was to spread awareness of how important it is to sleep properly every day. Having a good sleep will have significant effects on our health and vice versa. So, no matter how busy life might get, we should always find time to sleep peacefully for at least 8 hours every day.  

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