Happy New Year 2022

GFH New Year 2022

Here is the last article before the year 2022.

How exciting is that!  Unfortunately we have no idea what is ahead of our journey of life from January!  The last two years have certainly been an experience in many ways!  With lockdowns. Lockups, and lock outs and it may happen all over again even with the minimum 80% vaccinated. 

I’d just like to ask that you are strong and have belief that somewhere down the track is the end of the tunnel and the whole world can live with this current situation and move forward.

I am unsure of what the year 2022 holds for me and the running of this site.  However, till I also make a decision we’ll ensure there is an article here for you to read each week.

Please have a most wonderful and safe New Years.  If you’re driving please be safe.  If you have a drink, be with friends and stay safe.  If you go to any fireworks follow the rules and make it home safe.  “I think the message is to be safe” Chuckling here!!!!

 Breathing is one of my addictions, as the alternative isn’t the best!

PS – I am selling the fully functioning GFH website and all the social media which is attached, four FB pages, Twitter and Instagram.  Including the over three and half years of content and contact form.  All the buyer needs to do is redirect the URL of their preferred domain.  Then go into each of the articles and redirect those URLs.  The lot for $3,000 AUD or the equivalent in crypto. Know anyone??? There is a finder’s fee of $200!!!

Merry Christmas 2021

GFH Christmas 2021

Well, Christmas already and the end of the year one week later!

Another peculiar year unless you were living in a State which did not experience extended lock downs.  Here in Queensland we had some sort of luck.  However, the threat was always close.  As we had to rely on the State Government to make the decisions as to whether businesses opened or stayed closed.  I have met so many people who felt it easier to be employees now rather then take the risk and run a business where they had to interact with other people face to face.  They are happier financially, although they miss what they were previously doing!

I do hope you are able to spend time with family and friends in this uncertain period.  We are all looking forward to living life as normal as possible when we are told what normal is!

Just want to send our most sincere thoughts toward you and your family for a wonderful and safe Christmas.  Please take care and enjoy it as much as you can.

PS – I am selling the fully functioning GFH website and all the social media which is attached, four FB pages, Twitter and Instagram.  Including the over three and half years of content and contact form.  All the buyer needs to do is redirect the URL of their preferred domain.  Then go into each of the articles and redirect those URLs.  The lot for $3,000 AUD or the equivalent in crypto.

Know anyone??? There is a finder’s fee of $200!!!!

Bartering to live the life you desire

Bartering to live the life you desire

Bartering is the act of exchanging goods for goods of the same or similar value as perceived by the transactors.  This could be services for services, or cash for an equal perceived value!

Nowadays, bartering is very different to what it was like many years ago when backyards had vegetable gardens, and people had chickens to produce eggs.  Now, it is the almighty dollar which determines how “richly” a person lives.  Backyards are much smaller.  Houses are a different shape and designed with air conditioning for comfort in contrast to the old “Queenslander” which allowed for natural air flow and cooling.

Looking after our health is vital to living a long and happy life. But how do you ensure that you’re looking after all aspects of your well-being? This blog is part of a series of seven blogs on this topic.

Seven Elements for Well-being

We’ve come up with a list of seven elements that we believe contribute to living a healthy, happy life. Over the next weeks we’ll look at them one by one –

Fire – Take a daily dose of sun and grab some vitamin D
Water – Hydration is fundamental and bathing is pretty important too!
Air – Fresh air, take it in with simple breathing exercises
Earth – Grounding through Meditation (the importance of controlling your thoughts and relaxing your mind) and Family (embrace your close relationships to share experiences and life milestones)
Exercise – There’s no denying how vital exercise is to health and we discuss several types with big benefits
Keeping it Simple – Bartering, working to support your lifestyle and reducing material stressors

Are you comfortable with your current Lifestyle? Do you have enough cash flow to barter to live the life you really want?

Are you comfortable with answering those questions truthfully to someone else, or just to yourself?

Being comfortable is understood in numerous ways that vary person to person.  For example – I have met many people who thoroughly enjoy living in a shack in the country.  They have a sustainable garden which they tend and change what they produce with the seasons so they have enough food to get them by.  They’ll have chickens for eggs, occasionally a roast dinner, tank water for drinking and cooking and only purchase their clothes from second hand stores. They earn enough money to get them by.

I’ve also met people who would cringe at having to live like that because living in a multi story building with white walls is all they know.  Electricity is as easy as walking over to the power point or wall and flicking a switch.  Wi-fi is on call and electronic gismos for all occasions!  Although this may be a rich life for some, others prefer a large house with multiple rooms for each purpose.

Look what happened in the COVID-19 crisis when people were quarantined and people with regular housekeepers for their housework had to do it themselves.  Some learned how to work their washing machine for the first time, clean their house, and, home school their kids. These additions to routine were stressful for many.

So, it all comes down to lifestyle and how you like to live.  Are you comfortable?  If not look at how to increase what you’re currently doing to increase the financial flow and, ultimately achieve the lifestyle you desire. 

This may mean exchanging what you currently own and replacing it with what you want or need.  If you’re renting and want to buy a house you’ll need to stash the cash and save for the deposit.  However, you still need to convince the bank you can repay the loan if you borrow.  With my own experience even applying for a small loan is difficult enough after the commission enquiry!

If you do not have the cash flow you desire you’ll need to look at alternatives to make it.  Options include –

  • Getting another job on top of what you are currently doing (a side hustle)
  • Going to university to increase your learning to get a higher paid job
  • Mortgaging the house to buy a franchise for anything from $50,000 to $250,000 with the hope that you get all the support you need  (looking around at the businesses that may not be opening up again for some time or not at all after the lockdown is over.  A lot of them are franchises that didn’t survive, however, the franchisee still has to pay the franchisor even though the business failed.  A great number of times with franchises the franchisee is trapped into purchasing products or ingredients from the franchisor at a much higher price then they could source in other ways for their store or business.)

Begin your own online business

Another alternative is to begin your own online business where you don’t touch the goods or do the deliveries, an example of this is InnerOrigin. 

With InnerOrigin you don’t even have to source the products as the Product Advisory Board does all the screening for you.  All you’re doing is to purchase a site which is filled with product and promoting the products and for each item you promote and sell you receive commission. 

The commission received is anything from $199, through to $3,000.  Your personal goal will reflect your goals for your future and life. 

With world renowned Ambassadors, training and guidance you too can have a business which can provide the lifestyle you feel you deserve.  You just have to work for it.  If you do the business right you can create a lifestyle of any kind.  Want to live, travel and work from a laptop?  That can be your lifestyle too!

Get in contact and you can tell me where you want to end up and we can talk about it.

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