7 Signs to look out in older dogs that warn you about their health

As a dog lover, you always want the best for your pet. But, there might be times when you fail to identify certain changes in your dog that could actually indicate something important regarding their health, especially when they are getting older. So, here we are to help you with 7 signs to look out for in your dog that might be warning you about their health as they age –

Increased Thirst – Is your dog drinking more water than usual? If yes, then it might be a sign of diabetes, liver or kidney disease that calls for immediate medical help.

Frequent Urination – Don’t ignore when your pet is all of a sudden urinating more and that too inside your house, despite being trained to urinate outside. This could be due to a urine infection or some kind of hormone imbalance in their body.

Change in Gait – Your dog could be suffering from arthritis, if you find significant changes in the way it walks, runs, or jumps, and this calls for immediate veterinary help.

Loss of Appetite – If your dog is suddenly refusing to eat or being very picky about treats, you must not ignore it as it could mean anything from a kidney ailment to a heart disease.

Unusual Wounds or Swelling – If you notice a wound or swelling in your dog that refuses to go away for a long time, then you must take immediate action, as it could be something as big as a sign of cancer.

Loss of Interest in Play Activities – Is your dog not as playful as it used to be before? Well, don’t ignore it as it could be a hint that your dog needs medical attention.

Change in Odor – Your dog could suddenly smell stinky and that could be due to a periodontal disease. Hence, make sure that you visit the vet soon without any delays.

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