The Benefits of Using Miron Glass Jars to Store Food

Miron Glass

You are already aware that a lot of preservatives are added to processed food today which increases their shelf life. But in ancient times, the Egyptians stored their medicines in containers made of a special type of glass called Miron Glass. It is also called as Violet Glass.

The jars made of Miron glass are excellent for storing the homemade items for a longer time. They even look aesthetically beautiful with their dark blueish color.

How does the food get decomposed?

Our sun’s rays contain the entire spectrum of light which promotes the growth of plants. But, if the food which we preserve is also exposed to sunlight, the decomposition process is faster and hence the food is spoilt after some time.

Miron glass has a special quality which allows only the light beneficial to food enter the container preventing decomposition.

In a health-conscious world and, if you’re serious about your nutrition and organic food, bringing Miron glass into your lifestyle can provide you with many health benefits.

Health and Environmental Benefits of Using Miron Violetglass

  • Fully recyclable glass
  • You can also use Miron Glass for natural preservation of dry contents (just as the Egyptians did all those years ago!)
  • Using biophotonics, placing filtered water in Miron glass in the direct sun for an hour, or your powerfood smoothie for ten minutes, charges the contents with beneficial light. Giving you an extra health boost.

These MIRON Violetglass jars and bottles are not currently on the Inner Origin platform. You are able to purchase them and have them delivered to your door by clicking on the link below!

MIRON Violetglass 400ml jar +/- lid

MIRON Violetglass 400ml jar  MIRON Violetglass 400ml jar lid

MIRON Violetglass 500ml jar +/- lid

MIRON Violetglass 500ml jar MIRON Violetglass 500ml jar lid

MIRON Violetglass 1000ml jar +/- lid

MIRON Violetglass 1000ml jar 

MIRON Violetglass 1000ml Waterbottle +/- lid

MIRON Violetglass 1000ml waterbottle MIRON Violetglass 1000ml waterbottle cap

MIRON Violetglass 500ml Waterbottle +/- lid

MIRON Violetglass 500ml waterbottle MIRON Violetglass 500ml waterbottle cap

Other sizes of jars and bottles are available. Please contact me with details and I’ll be happy to respond. Brian – 0409 582 433 (within Australia), or fill in the form below. Thank you.

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