Can Supplements and Multi-Vitamins Improve Heart Health?

It’s a widely known fact that supplements and multi-vitamins are great for the body and immunity. Today, dietary supplements have become more than a hundred billion dollar industry. But, do you actually know if these supplements and multi-vitamins are doing anything to improve your heart health?

Let’s find out!

A recent research on multi-vitamins and an extensive range of supplements shed light on the fact that most of these supplements had a limited effect on heart health, and did not help in increasing a person’s life span.

The medical experts who carried forward the research recommended consuming a healthy and nutritious diet to support heart health, instead of taking supplements and multi-vitamins that do not have a measurable effect on your heart or life quality.

For example, people who are at the risk of high blood pressure should go for a diet that is low in salt, as this is something that will actually decrease their chances of developing a heart related disease.

Dr Ross Walker

However, contrary to what you’ve just read Dr Ross Walker suggests the long term consumption of the correct supplements does provide benefits for your long term health. 

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Dr Ross Walker

Fast Heart Health Facts

  • Cardiovascular disease affects around 1.4 million Australians
  • Heart problems claimed the lives of 19,766 Australians (13% of all deaths) in 2013-  the single leading cause of death.
  • Heart attacks kill 54 Australians each day, or one person every 27 minutes.
  • It is estimated over 350,000 Australians have had a heart attack at some time in their lives – with 54,000 new cases every year. This equates to one heart attack every 9 minutes.

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