Can veganism cure Crohn’s disease?

This question has everybody’s interest after a 26-year-old man claimed that his chronic Crohn’s disorder was completely reversed by following a strict vegetarian diet for period of time.

All his major and minor symptoms completely vanished. This news has inspired hope for millions of Crohn’s sufferers who often do not experience relief despite following strict medication. However, is it too soon to draw conclusions from the miraculous healing of one man? Let’s investigate.

The medics at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Missouri observed one of their patient’s (whose identity has not been yet disclosed due to privacy reasons) Crohn’s history. His case study provided some very interesting insights into the potential cure of the disease.

He had followed an unintentionally vegetarian diet due to religious reasons and noticed a reduction in symptoms such as bloating, fatigue, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. He then continued following a vegan diet to observe its benefits. These persisted for as long as he was strict with his diet. Medics found visible changes in his gut endoscopy images, as the gut lining showed reduced inflammation and became smoother. When he faltered by including dairy-based products or spicy foods in his meals, his condition would flare-up.

However, promising as this case study may be, other medics have warned against being blindly inspired by this one-hit-wonder. The reason? They claim that a purely vegan diet is deficient in certain minerals and vitamins, which may exacerbate Crohn’s symptoms. A vegan diet is rich in dietary fibre, which may go on to irritate an already sensitive gut lining. Giving up on medication entirely to replace it with a vegan diet may not work for everybody, although dropping processed foods, dairy products, and spicy foods has definitely got benefits attached.

If you are a Crohn’s patient, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any steps toward drastically altering your diet.

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