A vision for the future

A vision for the future

In this blog I’d like to share another project I participate in each week outside my InnerOrigin business. 

You may or may not know, that I am blind. In March of 1993, I found out that my retinas were dying as a result of a genetic and hereditary condition called Retinitus Pigmentosa. 

Prior to that year I’d lived a normal life. School and rugby league when I was a child. After leaving school and getting a job, drivers license and forklift ticket;  I worked at a wreckers, service station, motorcycle centre and in warehousing. All in all, life seemed to be going along okay.  After I achieved the forklift ticket I had made plans around gaining machinery tickets and then travelling anywhere in the world.

Well, you can plan but not predict!!!

Here I am near 30 years later and working from home, blind and life is not as I planned.  However, the sun gets up everyday and I can’t lay in bed all day as it will get messy!

In 2003, I joined a business club.  I participated in several roles in the club and on it’s dissolution in 2012 I had filled the role of President for the last financial year.  March of 2009 I participated in a fundraising walk up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (You can read the blogs about this walk on the GFH website).  On returning from Southern Africa I also took another journey to be a high achiever in Karate – this is something I’m still participating in regularly today.

Over the last couple of years I have embarked on a mission to help normally sighted people have a clearer understanding of my life as a blind person.  This started as a result of my experiences of walking in my local shopping centre and local community. 

I found that many people would stand quietly in one spot when they saw me coming. If I occasionally bumped into them we would have a discussion as to what they could best do in that situation. 

Another time I heard a young child asking their mother what, “that man was doing with the stick.”  The mother told the child not to stare and to keep walking.  I walked over and politely asked permission to explain to the child what the stick was for. 

I have many other stories similar to these. 

When these situations arose I would post on local community Facebook pages. A friend suggested creating my own dedicated Facebook page – #tipsfromablindman which I have now done and each Wednesday afternoon, or evening , I post a tip for the week. 

These #tipsfromablindman attract a lot of likes on the community pages and so now with the page #tipsfromablindman you can follow and learn something new each week about how I do the things I do, including some of the technology I use and humorous tips – for example about waiting in line at a store where there are lines on the floor due to the COVID distancing  requirements.

Several articles have been written about my recent journeys in life.  I also have had several radio interviews asking me why I created the page and the engagement I now have in my local community.  Here’s a link to the latest radio interview – Tips from a Blind Man 2.
People recognise me and are willing to engage with me and other vision impaired and blind people to assist them in their tasks which is a really positive.

Aside from my #tipsfromablindman I work with a commercial cleaning company on the phone, am an affiliate of InnerOrigin and love sharing in the wellness industry.  I don’t know of another online eCommerce store where they have a Product Advisory Board who accept, or don’t accept, where the ingredients for the products are sourced as well as checking on the farming and business practices of where the ingredients are sourced.  All in all – too many other benefits to write about here.  

Your body is am amazing thing! So many systems working harmoniously together – InnerOrigin products can help you take care of them for you to live a longer and more prosperous life. If you’re interested, please connect with me and we can discuss further. Alternatively, read some of my other blogs regarding being an advocate with InnerOrigin

I look forward to talking with you!

If you’d like to get in touch – call 0409 582 433 (within Australia), or fill in the form below. Thank you.

Need a side hustle? I’ve got you covered.

side hustle

Here are just a few of the reasons I took a closer look at InnerOrigin and made it my side hustle for generating income.

Professional, replicated website

As an official advocate, I simply direct people to my replicated website allowing the customer to browse, select and purchase the items they are looking for. 

A great term I heard recently is click, click and deliver

The products on the InnerOrigin platform have been selected by a Product Advisory Board and their role is to ensure the merchants align with the philosophy of Inner Origin.  

Sourcing and Ethics

IO launched in Australia in November of 2016, with two wonderful people getting together and realising that the world is looking for products that are clean, a company who will support people in business and ingredients that have been ethically farmed and are fully disclosed – transparency.

Have you ever walked down the bathroom isle of your local supermarket and spotted a sign that read “100% organic” and thought, “that’s exactly what I’m looking for!” only to then take a closer look at the ingredients on the packaging and discover that the scent is 100% organic and the rest of the ingredients are some kind of man-made concoction?

If so – our products are for you.

Since joining in February of 2017 I have seen consistent growth of the company and product lines offered.  What attracted me is IO’s intention to support locally sourced products and local businesses in the countries we trade. 

Logistics are taken care of as are transactions.  In my last post on you can read about three of the athletes who align themselves with IO as they  believe there is a better way! 

Unfortunately, many people have diseases stemming from man-made chemicals. Listening to Therese Kerr you can gain a better understanding as to what common chemicals are doing to us and, animals in nature, including the different types of foods we eat, organic or processed.


Advocates are offered continuous training, access to recorded Zoom videos of merchants, interviews with Ambassadors and general information to help you in your life.

Where else can you find a supportive community to be with you in your weight loss journey using organic products?  Or, a VIP program where you receive a $20 bonus each month for 12 months and then receive a $150 voucher, giving you $390 incentive over 12 months of continuous customer experience? 

There’s a VIP program for those of us who prefer our wine to be Australian and organic.  Just join the VIP Wine club and order a minimum of six bottles of wine In  a 12 month period and the delivery is free.  *Subject to change.

One price for all

As an Affiliate/Advocate of Inner Origin you receive the same benefits as I do.  Plus, a one price policy where Affiliates pay the same price for products as the customers.  Meaning you are not encouraged to commit to purchase a minimum amount each month at wholesale prices like many of the other companies out there in the Direct Selling field get people to do!

I pay the same price for items as my customers and I receive the commission each month on my purchase and theirs.  So far I have my credit card payments and phone bills taken care of monthly through my efforts. 

Becoming an Affiliate

This is an exciting time of life to be alive. 

Even now, with people in lock down in parts of the world we still have the ability to talk with people and can still earn an income.  It may be that the pandemic in your area is limiting your ability to to work full time.  If so, this may be an opportunity to begin a business as a side hustle while you wait for work to get back to “normal”. And then be in a strong position to continue once it does.

I urge you to try and stay positive and prepare for the new way of life to come as well as the return to some of the ways we enjoyed. We have seen an increase in the number of Affiliates, joining for various reasons including online retail sales.

So. What’s your reason?

Connect with me and we can have a conversation.  I’ll introduce you to Sharon Anyos, 5 time World Boxing Champion  to help you and others do the same. 

Get Started Today!

See what’s available now. Click here to visit the store and check out all the great products. For further details contact Brian, your Inner Origin Advocate on 0409 582 433 (within Australia), or fill in the form below. Thank you.

Our New Ambassadors!

Roy “Captain Hook” Jones Jnr

  • Five weight divisions from Middle weight to heavy weight
  • Born 16th January 1969
  • Height 180 cm, or 5 foot 11 inches
  • Born in Pensacola, Florida
  • Dual American and Russian citizenship
  • With 75 fights he had 66 wins 47 of those by KO

Roy Jones Jr competed in boxing from 1989 to 2018, and held multiple world championships in four weight classes, including Middleweight, Super middleweight, Light heavyweight and Heavyweight.

Roy is the only boxer in history to begin his career at Junior middleweight.  Then go on to win a Heavyweight title as an amateur.

Representing America, as a Junior middleweight, in the 1988 Summer Olympics, Roy won Silver in the most controversial decisions in boxing history.

All of that behind him he went on to win many more World Title Divisions and is considered, pound for pound, to be the best boxer in the World.

With exceptional hand speed, athleticism and reflexes.  Watching him step into the ring with “Iron” Mike Tyson will be a spectacle you were glad to be available for!

These days Roy commentates, raps, dances, is a trainer and inspires so many young people to live and achieve.  However, focusing on the September fight and being an Ambassador for Inner Origin.

Sharon Anyos

  • Born in Australia
  • World Womens Boxing Champion
  • Holder of many Titles including Full contact Karate, Kick boxing and Women’s boxing Championship titles
  • At 164 cm or 5 foot 3 inches.  Sharon weighed only 58 kgs
  • |Her division was Featherweight
  • 17 boxing wins and 14 of those by knock out
  • Sharon also has 10 wins in Kick boxing and other wins in Karate, Full contact
  • Sharon was the first to win the WBC and went on to defend her title a couple of years later.

Now an independent mother to her children Sharon enjoys inspiring others to live and achieve their dreams. Plus, she loves talking with Roy who took her under his wing years ago in a men’s only sport, at the time, and encouraged and guided her to live her dream.

Ian “Powerhouse” Jacobs

  • Born in Australia
  • Ian has three World Kick Boxing Championships under his belt
  • With divisions in Middleweight and Light Heavyweight he had 34 wins with 27 of those being by knock out.
  • During one of his fights he knocked out his opponent in 1.8 seconds!
  • Too many titles to mention here…

Hear how Roy and Sharon met and the lives they lived before the love of boxing came to be in their lives.

Get Started Today!

See what’s available now. Click here to visit the store and check out all the great products. For further details contact Brian, your Inner Origin Advocate on 0409 582 433 (within Australia), or fill in the form below. Thank you.

Brian Haupt Interview in Shimbun magazine

Middle of last year I was interviewed by the magazine writer of the Karate magazine called the Shimbun.  I have been participating in a Martial Art for over 10 years and they are impressed in my progress as a blind person. 

Please enjoy the article produced on my behalf. Keeping physically fit is very important to me.  To be fit I believe I also have to stay healthy.  I am cautious as to what I put onto and
into my body. 

Hence the reason I choose to be involved in the business and purchase the Inner Origin products. You can read more about that here

Why I’m affiliated with Inner Origin
Why I’m affiliated with Inner Origin – part 2

I am open to receive any questions you may have regarding my current lifestyle with my eye condition or what Inner Origin can do for you.  Please contact me by phone 0409 582 433 or via the website form below

Kind regards,

Brian Haupt

You shop, we pack and deliver anywhere! Aus, NZ, Japan, USA, UK and Canada.

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Improve Your Health and Vitality

Improve Your Health and Vitality

If you’re working hard to improve your health and it hasn’t worked for you in the past perhaps it’s time for something new.

Breaking a large goal into smaller, more achievable goals can bring amazing results – you just need some time, patience and a dash of discipline.

Try these daily good habits

Drink plenty of water

Water is fat-free, cheap and gives your body needed hydration. Eight classes a day is a good target. Does it sound tough? Start by thinking smaller.

Begin your day by drinking a glass of water on your empty stomach. If you want to have some more variety, add a splash of your beverage to a glass of water first. Or, try a squeeze of your favorite citrus. Just try to drink more water than yesterday. This way you’ll stay hydrated and reap the benefits water brings to your body.

Lower your sugar intake

Resolve to reduce your intake of sugar. Again, this does not need to happen overnight. A slower change will allow your taste buds to adjust as well as your pantry! Begin by making yourself more aware of your sugar intake. For many people this isn’t the sugar they add to coffee or tea (although that doesn’t help) but it’s hidden in their daily food choices.

When you become aware of what you’re consuming, start to opt for healthier alternatives such as yoghurt, whole foods and nuts

Resist your food cravings and stop snacking

Often certain activities make us feel hungry – for example watching movies with friends after dinner, you can develop a craving for snacks and sweet or alcoholic drinks.  This is something you need to keep in check.

Be mindful of what and when you’re eating. Pay attention to what you’re eating and think of the day’s foods as a whole.

If you are still finding it difficult to stop yourself from nibbling, then make your hands busy, drink a glass of water or have a cup of tea (hold the sugar!)

Add more prebiotics and probiotics to your diet

Prebiotics are non-digestible and natural food components that help in promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut. Some of the best sources of prebiotics are garlic, bananas, soybeans, whole-wheat bread and onions.

Probiotics, on the other hand, help in repopulating intestinal bacteria so that it can balance gut flora. Some of the best sources of probiotics are kefir, yogurt and miso.

If you want to improve your overall health, incorporating probiotics and prebiotics into your everyday diet will be a good step in the right direction.

Go for the rainbow

Resolve to include a variety of vitamins in your diet. In order to ensure this, include as many colors as you can while cooking a dish. Of course, this is mainly vegetables and sometimes fruits.

If you’d like to improve your fitness, here are some tips that you may help.

Start slow

We all want results fast but starting rigorous exercises without really knowing what can do can actually harm your health.  When starting an exercise routine after a long period of inactivity, going too quickly can result in acute or overuse injuries by putting a lot of stress on your body.

That’s counter-productive so a better idea is to start slowly and gradually increase intensity, duration etc. This allows your body to adjust to your new routine and workouts and you will be able to get into shape not only faster but with control and respect for your body.

Make it routine

Decide on a time to exercise. That may be daily or, on certain days of the week.  It can help to write this down and put it somewhere where you can see it daily. Then, choose what type exercise you are going to participate in. Start with something you enjoy or which works for you. Don’t follow others, as not everyone has the same body type or preferences.

Select from group or individual activities such as weightlifting, swimming, running, walking, basketball, cycling and tennis. Then decide how much time you can devote to exercising. If you haven’t exercised for a long period of time, start with as little as 15 minutes per session. Gradually, you can increase this time to at least 30 minutes a day.

Find a workout partner

It’s really helpful to find a workout partner. It can be overwhelming for you to follow an exercise routine alone. Having a workout partner will not only help you in creating an exercise routine but also let you stay focused long after the New Year is over. A friend can help you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals.

So, in order to reach your diet and fitness goals, break it down, do one thing at a time, give yourself a target and see how far you can go.

Keep patience and have faith in yourself. And when you arrive at your goal – reward yourself and set a new one!

At Groceries for Health – We are a revolution in health and wellness, delivering wholesome and natural products — sourced predominantly from the communities we live in to provide for the community we serve.

It’s an exciting new way to shop, and to live, creating a path to emotional, material and wellness abundance!

organic australian groceries and products

A little history

Inner Origin launched in Australia in November 2016.  I joined in February 2017 and have enjoyed the experience.  In 2018 Inner Origin expanded to New Zealand and at present IO is pre-launching into the United States which is very exciting. 

We now offer international shipping.  So, if you have family or friends in the USA you can send them a gift from the IO platform.  Alternatively, if you’re in the States and reading this you can go onto innerorigin.com/help4u, click on the ‘Shop USA’ link and have your purchase delivered to you or the person you’re buying for! Easy.

Inner Origin have weekly webinars and we welcome anyone to listen in and hear from merchant suppliers interviewed by Sally-Ann Ferguson, the CEO.  Other webinars outline the business of Inner Origin and how you can be involved and promote the Inner Origin health giving philosophy.

Whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand or the United States you’ll be supporting local businesses

Please look out for events and webinars being posted on the Facebook pages, @groceriesforhealth for Australia, @groceriesforhealthnz for New Zealand and @groceriesforhealthus for the United States.

I am open to receive any questions you may have regarding my current lifestyle with my eye condition or what Inner Origin can do for you.  Please contact me by phone 0409 582 433 or via the website form below

Kind regards,

Brian Haupt

You shop, we pack and deliver anywhere! Aus, NZ and coming to the US.

organic australian groceries and products