Are you open to a new opportunity?

Are you open to a new opportunity

If you’re open to new opportunities or are actively looking for a new business venture – maybe InnerOrigin is for you! I’d like to let you know what encouraged me to take a closer look at Inner Origin as a business.

  1. Local products – A very clear attraction was promoting Australian product suppliers to prospective customers initially here in Australia. 
    Now, InnerOrigin are expanding into new markets in New Zealand, America and, more recently, Japan. 

    2. The philosophy of Inner Origin also attracted me as they wish to provide products that will improve your lifestyle in many ways including clearly knowing the origin of the products and what they are. The values that they follow include:-
  • Cruelty free
  • No artificial colours or preservatives in food and beverages
  • GMO free
  • No nitrate or MSG
  • No petroleum
  • No artificial fragrances

Your new venture awaits

We’ve seen fantastic growth in each of these regional markets and are always looking for someone like you to take a look to see if you have what it takes to build your own online shopping business in your area.

You can choose to build your business via social media (as I am), or, be face to face and build it one on one!  Many Advocates/Affiliates of Inner Origin are building their business via staging pop up events where they invite an Ambassador along to attract potential customers and new business affiliates.  The attendees have the opportunity to experience some of the products by smell, taste, and feel.

Many people who choose to join the InnerOrigin community do not have experience at sales or marketing, however, they learn at their own pace  and are achieving the goals they set.  What’s that saying? “You never know unless you give it a go?!” Rather than wondering, “what if?” it were possible to grow a business from home, start by using the skills you already have!

How to start

You may have experience of your own on how to grow an online business like this to prospective customers and other people who are open to having an online store.  Take a chance and get in contact (see form below) and we can discuss whether this type of business suits you.

Everybody has the option to listen in on a Zoom Webinar held  twice daily and more on given days for each country.  Currently, Japan is proving to be very popular as, like America, they are looking for a trustworthy supplier of household and personal goods. 

America’s suppliers of food and cosmetics do not have the same high standards as we do in Australia and that is why they are looking closely at spreading and growing the message of Inner Origin’s philosophy of allowing everyone to have the luxury of safe online purchases. 

You are able to go to the events page or our Facebook pages (Australia, New Zealand, USA or Japan) to find the times of the Zoom Webinars that suit your time zone.  We have them posted there for you to set your alarm clock!

We do have a Product Advisory Board of professionals who vet products, ingredients and Merchant suppliers’ business ethics. 
Not all products presented are promoted on the Inner Origin platform as they may have an ingredient where the source is from a farm that does not follow sustainable practises or the business ethics of the farmer do not suit the Inner Origin philosophy or ideals.  You’ll also notice that you won’t find any products that have man-made petrochemicals or GMO ingredients.

See you soon!

If you’re looking for

  • a new experience to fill your time
  • the ability to replace your current income in the future
  • new skills to be able market and sell
  • something different as you’re semi retired, in between jobs, or, retrenched and frustrated
  • something new, or

You’re simply open to this opportunity then please get in touch!

There is too much information to share on this blog.  So, please use the form below and get in contact with me and we can make a time that suits for a conversation.  You can also check out the Facebook pages for months of posts regarding the Inner Origin products and other relevant articles.

I looking forward to meeting with you soon.

About Groceries For Health

Groceries for Health are a proud Inner Origin Advocate.  Inner Origin products have been selected with care and follow strict guidelines to adhere to our philosophy.

This is a secure Australian site allowing you, the customer, to purchase the products and have them delivered direct to your door.

You shop, we pack and deliver.

organic australian groceries and products

Charity and business, a great partnership

Charity and business, a great partnership

Business isn’t all about making money!  However, the only reason for people to be in business, as I see it, is to make money and provide a lifestyle which you feel you deserve.  It just happens to be the barter system we use to live our current lives and provide for survival.

I also donate to charities each month.  I’ve limited this to three charities.  Because if I didn’t I would be overwhelmed with organisations putting their hand out.

Humour Foundation (aka the Clown Doctors)

The reason I’ve chosen the Humour Foundation is because they go into children’s hospitals and wards and allow them to laugh and be a child.  Laughter allows them to forget their surroundings for that short time.  I receive their emails with stories of children and parents who have appreciated having a reason to giggle, laugh and have tears streaming from their eyes due to laughter, rather then pain or boredom. 

The Clown Doctors arrive in outrageously brightly coloured clothing.  I’ve had the calendar photos described to me.  Some of these children have rare visits from family and the Clown Doctors make their life a little more enjoyable.

Assistance Dogs Australia

A lesser known charity who provide dogs for people, young and old, to help them through life is Assistance Dogs Australia.  People may require an assistance dog due to injury, illness or even depression.  These dogs are trained to do what you see may be a little thing as opening doors or putting the washing in a basket to name just a couple.  They are trained to do many other tasks which we feel are so mind-numbingly easy. 

Even being a companion can improve a persons life so much.

NVDA, Non Visual Desktop Access

This charity, NVDA, provide an online downloadable software for vision impaired people to have access to computers.  This is a free software tool for those who wish to use a computer and do not have the funds to purchase what’s known as a screen reader program.  I, myself,  use JAWS (Job Access With Speech) as this provides all the accessibility I require to do most of the tasks I can do on my desktop computer.  A screen reader program allows me to hear what I am doing on the computer as I don’t use a screen or a mouse – they are both gathering dust.  I navigate by using the keyboard with accelerator keys and short cut keys.  The program converts the text to speech for me.  I have had to learn to touch type back in 2001.  From there I have been able to achieve so much through business and social media.

I also regularly provide a #tipfromablindman on a local Facebook community page so the general public can better understand how a blind person conducts life on a daily basis.

If you have any questions please get in contact with me as I am open to answering them   I believe people ask questions to educate themselves.

Group Shopping Experience

Group Shopping Experience

Welcome to the inaugrural Group Shopping Experience with Groceries for Health.  The plan is to have you, the shopper, have an open conversation and share products you’ve found on the Inner Origin Shopping Platform with other participants who have logged in on the Zoom call.

We’re able to communicate over the Zoom App and go online shopping together.  You will be able to place an order with your own selections while we suggest and discuss what we see as we will be all on the same page.

At the beginning of the Zoom call you can register your details as we are speaking.  However, to make the process so much more efficient and save time it would be great if you could go to and fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form and send me your mobile number or email address you wish for me to forward the link for the Inner Origin Help4U App for your Smart Device you are choosing to use for online shopping.

As this will be the first time we may have a hiccup or two.  However, everyday is an experience and I’m looking forward for this to be a regular exciting experience for all who choose to participate.

The bonus for this period leading up to Christmas is the free upgrade to  Express Delivery in Australia and New Zealand.  So, shopping Friday evening may have your Christmas gifts and goods delivered Tuesday, just in time for Christmas!

USA customers are subject to international shipping costs.

Would love for you to be there.  The group will run for 40 minutes. If you are interested please forward me your details and I’ll send you the Help4U link to register and you can prepare to browse!

Time and date

Place in your diary Friday 20th December, 7pm Brisbane time to participate and explore the Inner Origin E-commerce Shopping Platform.  Go to to register your details early and have the site open when we start.

Really looking forward to seeing you on the call.

The link for Zoom and Id numbers are;

Topic: Group Shopping Experience
Time: Dec 20, 2019 07:00 PM Brisbane

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 921 429 7508

One tap mobile
+61370182005,,9214297508# Australia
+61871501149,,9214297508# Australia

Dial by your location
        +61 3 7018 2005 Australia
        +61 8 7150 1149 Australia
        +61 2 8015 6011 Australia
        +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)
        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 921 429 7508

Find your local number

Why Shop Online?

why shop online

If you really believe in the old saying that time is money, then it is high time that you switched to online grocery shopping!

Whether you are a homemaker, a working professional, or someone who works from home; online grocery shopping offers the ultimate way to save your valuable time, energy and most importantly money!

Online grocery shopping can also work really well for women who are working mums, as it saves them time to spend with their family and kids over weekends.

If you are wondering whether to try online grocery shopping or not; here are the 3 top reasons that might convince you to go for it –

1. Dynamic Shopping experience

Online shopping is a dynamic shopping experience.
Whether you are looking for –

  • a wide range of health foods or safe, organic products in one place
  • offers and discounts or
  • just a hassle free and cost effective delivery service

online grocery shopping offers you an overall amazing experience with all of these!

The best online shopping sites in Australia (like InnerOrigin) will offer you the highest quality products that you won’t even find in your nearest stores.

So, if you are looking for a great shopping experience that not just saves your time, but also money, then you must try online grocery shopping.

organic australian groceries and products

2. Convenient

One of the greatest advantages of shopping online is the fact that you can order 24/7 without leaving the comfort of your couch.

This can be especially relevant when it comes to online grocery shopping for health products. Stepping outside your home to get specific items that may be hard to source locally is not worth wasting your valuable time. Often, it’s difficult to know which shops have what and you may need to visit multiple stores to find what you need.

For people who are unwilling to compromise quality and who value their time and energy the easiest and most convenient way to do it is to shop online. InnerOrigin uphold extremely high quality standards and have an amazing selection of healthy groceries, organic skin care ranges, wellness products and much more!

Read more about them here

Why I’m affiliated with Inner Origin
Why I’m affiliated with Inner Origin – part 2

organic australian groceries and products

3. Cheaper Delivery Cost (Only $12.95!)

Another way in which an online shopping site makes a much better choice over a supermarket or a store is its awesome delivery services.

For instance, when shopping online in Australia with Inner Origin, your delivery will be brought to your door for the low cost of just $12.95. This is the delivery fee for any address, anywhere in Australia!

Don’t forget that by shopping online, you are also avoiding paying for parking or fuel to drive to the store.

So, say goodbye to waiting in long queues, shopping everywhere to find what you need, and paying for parking and billing, and, get ready for an exciting online grocery shopping experience with Groceries for Health! See you in our online store soon!

We offer products in these categories – Grocery, Skin Care, Cooking Ingredients, Detoxification, Superfoods, Supplements, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Home Care, Sports & Fitness, Education & Services, Health Technology, Baby Care, Aromatherapy, Pet Care

About us at Groceries For Health

Groceries for Health are a proud Inner Origin Advocate.  Inner Origin products have been selected with care and follow strict guidelines to adhere to our philosophy.

This is a secure Australian site allowing you, the customer, to purchase the products and have them delivered direct to your door.

You shop, we pack and deliver.

organic australian groceries and products

Why I’m affiliated with Inner Origin – part 2

Why I’m affiliated with Inner Origin part2

Following on from my last blog I’d like to expand on why I choose to follow and be involved in the business of Inner Origin.

Inner Origin Values and Philosophies

Inner Origin source the most beneficial products for your well being and healthy foods and ingredients. These are sourced from local suppliers, or merchants as they are known in the world of business. 

With environmentally friendly packaging the company is looking after this wonderful planet we call Earth.  All products and ingredients are presented to the Product Advisory Board. (They are shown below)

All ingredients and products must be sourced from farms which are ethically managed, including using environmentally sustainable farming practises.  When reading online or on the packaging you’ll notice that all of the ingredients are recognisable and shown what country the ingredients originate.

Even if you are looking for organic and natural foods you’ll find it on the platform.  Even the CBD oil is organic.  Same as the organic wine.

You can be sure you’re helping the planet with every order you place with InnerOrigin.

Inner Origin business model

I enjoy the support I receive from the company and other Advocates of the business.  We have flexibility in how we grow our individual advocate businesses.  However, usual business rules do apply.  If you choose to be interested in where you can take this business yourself I’d really like to talk with you. If this business suits you you can grow it either in your own township or City, or even over the internet via social media. 

One of the benefits of being involved with Inner Origin as an Advocate is that the shopping platform is online and you don’t handle the cash or product.  The company take care of all of it.  Even delivery of the purchases, they’re forwarded to the customer anywhere the person wishes for them to be delivered.  All at the one delivery price across Australia and New Zealand, $12.95.  Shipping to the USA is subject to standard shipping prices at present till Inner Origin is fully launched there.

InnerOrigin was shortlisted Finalists in the Optus My Business Awards 2018 for Fitness & Wellbeing Business of the Year!

Inner Origin Staff

AMY BETTIOL – Merchant Supplier Manager
ALYSSA SHERIDAN – Marketing & Design Manager
MIRANDA KNOTT – Customer Service
CHARLENE -Products Assistant


The Product Team search, review, and select the Ultimate Catalogue of 100+ Wellness Brands. InnerOrigin provides transparency so that you are informed about the country of origin of all ingredients. Suppliers to the platform declare to meet Inner Origin’s stated values.

All products are reviewed by our Expert Product Advisory Board. Each member reviews products within their category of specialty.

The Members of the PAB team are:


Professor Marc Cohen is one of Australia’s pioneers of integrative and holistic medicine and has made significant impacts on education, research, clinical practice and policy. He is a registered medical practitioner with degrees in western medicine, physiology and psychological medicine along with PhDs in Chinese medicine and biomedical engineering. In 2002 he became Australia’s first Professor of Complementary Medicine and Head of the Department of Complementary Medicine at RMIT University.


Therese has devoted her life to researching the impact of environmental chemicals and toxicants on human health. Arguably Therese is one of the most knowledgeable people on this subject and spends much of her time educating and empowering others. Therese was voted Australian Organic Industry Leader and one of Australia’s Top 50 most Influential Women.


Angela is a Naturopathic clinician specialising in women’s and children’s health, hormones and fertility for over 24 years. Angela believes in the importance of integrating western and natural medicine to ensure a healthier, brighter and abundant future for all. Angela has completed extensive advanced training and is a sought-after university lecturer, keynote speaker, author and educator to her peers worldwide.

Please look out for events and webinars being posted on the Facebook pages, @groceriesforhealth for Australia, @groceriesforhealthnz for New Zealand and @groceriesforhealthus for the United States.

I am open to receive any questions you may have regarding what Inner Origin can do for you. Please contact me by phone 0409 582 433 or via this site.