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At Inner Origin – We are a revolution in health and wellness, delivering wholesome and natural products — sourced predominantly from the communities we live in to provide for the community we serve. It’s an exciting new way to shop, and to live, creating a path to emotional, material and wellness abundance! When it comes to a healthy diet, we all know the concept of “you only get out what you put in.” It’s catchy and serves as a healthy reminder to put down those greasy chips and pick up a health bar instead when snack-time beckons. But often it’s not that simple, because that health bar might not be as healthy as advertised. Or even as bad (or worse) than the chips themselves. With many of the brands we find in supermarkets, labels and advertising can be difficult to understand and even misleading. … Think “sports drinks” with more sugar than Coke and “natural scrubs” with an ingredient list that reads like a laundry powder box. Sound familiar? It was experiences such as these which led to the launch of InnerOrigin, an alternative marketplace for healthy and innovative products. With a mission of putting the truth back on labels, InnerOrigin helps Australians gain easy access to healthy products that have previously been difficult to purchase from boutique Australian companies such as Tripod Coffee, Taste Nirvana and Zeosoft. The company has captured the attention of some of Australia’s biggest and most respected sporting and entertainment figures. Aussie surfing legend Layne Beachley, musician Kirk Pengilly, and popular television presenter Sophie Falkiner have all become part of the InnerOrigin community as ambassadors and advocates. They joined renowned cardiologist, Dr Ross Walker, to help launch the company in Australia last month as part of a vibrant, national roadshow which has attracted hundreds of Australians with a passion for health and wellbeing, sustainable shopping and transparency. InnerOrigin was developed by David Nomchong and Sally-Anne Ferguson who like many Australians became disillusioned and frustrated by the lack of truly healthy food options available in Australian supermarkets. With this in mind, they sought to create a health and wellness marketplace of their own which connects smaller boutique suppliers who are passionate about health and well being to customers who have until now have been bereft of true choice. Due to misleading information and mislabelling, they believe many people don’t know what they are putting into their bodies; and this can have major repercussions on their overall health. This may ring true for many Australians who don’t understand why they aren’t feeling 100 per cent… thinking that they are eating good food when actually they aren’t. InnerOrigin is looking to solve this issue by lifting the veil on hidden ingredients and empowering consumers. Transparency, it’s a simple word that just might be the key to a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable shopping experience. Original post by – Inner Origin Groceries for Health is an official Inner Origin Advocate.

A Selection of Our Products

Divine Baby Sleepy Time Essentials  Vatea Baby Dream Box EveryMite The Original Superspread 240g
Fairtrade Organic Mint Dark Chocolate 80g Chocolate and Love
Love Kitchen Australia Beetroot & Fennel Relish 260g
Life Cykel Cordyceps Double Extract 60ml SHEER SHEA Body Butter 100g
My Mag Essentials Magnesium Lotion Rose Geranium 100ml
Synthesis Organics Ocean Glow Body Salts 100g
Little Innoscents Moisture Rich Lotion 100ml
The Divine Woman Purifying Series Collection

About Us

At Groceries for Health – We are a revolution in health and wellness, delivering wholesome and natural products — sourced predominantly from the communities we live in to provide for the community we serve. It’s an exciting new way to shop, and to live, creating a path to emotional, material and wellness abundance!
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6 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

6 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

Only when we realize how dangerous plastic is for us and our planet will we take adequate steps to reduce it’s use. It is not biodegradable meaning that once created it stays forever, and there is no current way to eliminate it.

Imagine how much plastic there is in the world right now and how much risk our planet has, especially sea life. Being a part of this world, it becomes our duty to take care of this problem by taking the initiative. Small initiatives taken now will be fruitful for our kids, the next generation. Here a few easy ways to reduce the use of plastic:

No More Plastic Bottles

The first step you can take to reduce plastic use is by saying goodbye to plastic bottles. Instead, buy an eco-friendly or stainless-steel water bottle, which is a good one-time investment. Also, it will keep the water cold all day long. Carry an eco-friendly or a travel stainless steel bottle with you at all times so that when thirsty, you can just refill it. 

Replace Straws with Paper Straws

This is especially for all the restaurant owners. Paper straws are a new thing and also very cheap to buy. Many restaurants have taken the initiative of replacing plastic straws with paper ones. This is a great step; imagine if every person in the world starts doing that, then plastic use will go way down. 

Reusable Bag

Instead of using plastic shoppers, switch to reusable bags. Buy one or two and then use them for all your shopping sprees. Through this, you are not only saving the planet but also your money. The best thing would be to keep one reusable eco-friendly bag in your car so that you have the bag to hold those things whatever you buy. 

Reusing Item is the New Cool

If we want to make changes and want to reduce the use of plastic, then the first step would be to think about the things that can be reused. Try looking for organic things. Whatever is available in the market, which is plastic, there is always an alternative present for it which is eco-friendly and is safe for the environment. 

No More Plasticware

While we know how vital plasticware is for households to store several things, we also know how harmful it is to the environment. So, to reduce the use of plastic, say goodbye to plasticware. Start using glass containers or containers made of stainless steel. 

Organic Tea

Start using a tea of loose leaves or use tea bags that come in packaging which is biodegradable. 

By taking a few small steps towards reducing the use of plastic, one can make a massive change in the long run. If we collectively make an effort towards reducing the use of plastic, then we can achieve some great results, those that we truly expect to see in the world.  

Inner Origin Products

Just a few of our products include

Luv My Bottle Stainless Steel Water Bottle 750ml
bodhi ORGANIC TEA LuminosiTEA
Hemp Oz Hemp Soothing Tea – Sleep (Relax & Unwind)
InnerOrigin Jute Bag

About Groceries For Health

Groceries for Health are a proud Inner Origin Advocate.  Inner Origin products have been selected with care and follow strict guidelines to adhere to our philosophy.

This is a secure Australian site allowing you, the customer, to purchase the products and have them delivered direct to your door.

Inner Origin products have been selected with care and follow strict guidelines to adhere to our philosophy.

You shop, we pack and deliver.

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What is Cryptocurrency?

what is cryptocurrency

If we look around, everything in this century is digitalized, and artificial intelligence has taken over the globe like a storm. To keep up with our busy and super hectic lifestyles, manufacturers are focusing on manufacturing things that can complement our lifestyle or somehow add value to it. That is exactly why cryptocurrency is the new great thing.

If you want to understand the concept of cryptocurrency, then think of it as the tokens we get in the casino. Cryptocurrency is similar to that. It is digital cash against which one can avail services and buy goods pretty much like the money that we use but only digital.

Now in 2021, many companies are operating on cryptocurrency. But the question is, how does it work?

Well, for starters, It is pretty much the same as normal money you know of in your bank accounts, but it is not centralized like it. While the banks and financial institutions centralize our money, cryptocurrency solely works on computers and their algorithms.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency:

In this article, we will talk about some benefits of cryptocurrency and why it is the next big thing:

No Middle Party Involvement

The reason why today’s financing is so complicated and tiresome is that now there are so many middle parties, the banks, the brokers, legal representatives, and others involved. Not just this, but the charges and extra cost just add to it and make the entire process super complex.

This is where cryptocurrency gives a huge advantage. There is no middle party involved in the transaction—the only parties involved in the transaction is the crypto holder and the receiver. Nothing more or less. In short, Blockchain streamlines the whole process of transactions. (*Blockchain to be explained in another future article.)

Your confidentiality Stays Intact

One more reason why the cryptocurrency is a better option is that it keeps things more confidential. Our normal accounts in banks and financial institutions are not confidential. There is a record of everything which we have, and the bank does too. When it comes to cryptocurrency, each transaction that takes place is unique.

No Extra Charges

Cryptocurrency makes international transactions easy. When making an international transaction using cryptocurrency, there is no exchange rate.  As the USD is the preferred currency for the transaction in the wallet (wallets are explained on another future article), unlike traditional financing that take a cut of around 3% plus a transaction fee which may be around $30 depending on the amount, crypto transactions may be miniscule.  

Types of Cryptocurrencies:  Of which there are many!

Popular cryptos :

• Bitcoin

The trendsetter and the most popular one out of them all, the Bitcoin. There is also Bitcoin Cash, the only difference between both of them being the size of the block.

• Ethereum

While ethereum is also a cryptocurrency, it is not all about digital currency. It aims to return control to the app builders by removing middle parties so that the developers themselves can make any or all changes.

• Litecoin

This cryptocurrency is also super popular, just like Bitcoin. It also serves the same purpose as Bitcoin does.

Here are some more common types of cryptocurrencies:

• Ripple


• Stellar

• Peercoin. And many more

I’ve found a great introduction to trading and growing your share of cryptocurrency is to download the Coinbase App on your Android or IOS smart device.  Here is my link, and if you were to deposit $150AUD you will receive $13:12AUD of Bitcoin and I will too.  You then can share the App with others, they make a similar deposit and you both receive $13:12AUD of Bitcoin. #The amount may vary depending on the Coinbase company who provide the App. Here’s the link.

Let me know if you need help, Brian Haupt

Something else I do is to mine crypto with the Pi App. (*Mining to be explained on another future article.)

Happy Christmas 2020


Just leaving a short note to thank you and wish you a Happy Christmas.

Well it’s Christmas day only a few days away. I do hope you were able to purchase any gifts early enough to have them delivered? Or, have them picked up and home in time to wrap up to go under the Christmas tree?

This has been a strange year for everyone, however, here in Australia and New Zealand we have come out better then most countries! If you are catching up with family or friends please have the sanitiser close and respect those who wish to social distance.

If you don’t do Christmas for yourself please do it for the children so you can see the look of surprise in their eyes! I know not everyone can afford to do stuff. Find somewhere to go and please don’t spend the day by yourself! If you don’t have a family, find a friend, or a gathering where strangers meet. There are plenty around. You just need to ask the question.

This year I’ll be spending the morning with my girlfriend, having breakfast and exchanging gifts, then she’ll be going to her family till just after lunch. Then I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend with her.

Please have a most wonderful and safe Christmas. Love one another and love yourself.

Catch you next week. Brian

A vision for the future

A vision for the future

In this blog I’d like to share another project I participate in each week outside my InnerOrigin business. 

You may or may not know, that I am blind. In March of 1993, I found out that my retinas were dying as a result of a genetic and hereditary condition called Retinitus Pigmentosa. 

Prior to that year I’d lived a normal life. School and rugby league when I was a child. After leaving school and getting a job, drivers license and forklift ticket;  I worked at a wreckers, service station, motorcycle centre and in warehousing. All in all, life seemed to be going along okay.  After I achieved the forklift ticket I had made plans around gaining machinery tickets and then travelling anywhere in the world.

Well, you can plan but not predict!!!

Here I am near 30 years later and working from home, blind and life is not as I planned.  However, the sun gets up everyday and I can’t lay in bed all day as it will get messy!

In 2003, I joined a business club.  I participated in several roles in the club and on it’s dissolution in 2012 I had filled the role of President for the last financial year.  March of 2009 I participated in a fundraising walk up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (You can read the blogs about this walk on the GFH website).  On returning from Southern Africa I also took another journey to be a high achiever in Karate – this is something I’m still participating in regularly today.

Over the last couple of years I have embarked on a mission to help normally sighted people have a clearer understanding of my life as a blind person.  This started as a result of my experiences of walking in my local shopping centre and local community. 

I found that many people would stand quietly in one spot when they saw me coming. If I occasionally bumped into them we would have a discussion as to what they could best do in that situation. 

Another time I heard a young child asking their mother what, “that man was doing with the stick.”  The mother told the child not to stare and to keep walking.  I walked over and politely asked permission to explain to the child what the stick was for. 

I have many other stories similar to these. 

When these situations arose I would post on local community Facebook pages. A friend suggested creating my own dedicated Facebook page – #tipsfromablindman which I have now done and each Wednesday afternoon, or evening , I post a tip for the week. 

These #tipsfromablindman attract a lot of likes on the community pages and so now with the page #tipsfromablindman you can follow and learn something new each week about how I do the things I do, including some of the technology I use and humorous tips – for example about waiting in line at a store where there are lines on the floor due to the COVID distancing  requirements.

Several articles have been written about my recent journeys in life.  I also have had several radio interviews asking me why I created the page and the engagement I now have in my local community.  Here’s a link to the latest radio interview – Tips from a Blind Man 2.
People recognise me and are willing to engage with me and other vision impaired and blind people to assist them in their tasks which is a really positive.

Aside from my #tipsfromablindman I work with a commercial cleaning company on the phone, am an affiliate of InnerOrigin and love sharing in the wellness industry.  I don’t know of another online eCommerce store where they have a Product Advisory Board who accept, or don’t accept, where the ingredients for the products are sourced as well as checking on the farming and business practices of where the ingredients are sourced.  All in all – too many other benefits to write about here.  

Your body is am amazing thing! So many systems working harmoniously together – InnerOrigin products can help you take care of them for you to live a longer and more prosperous life. If you’re interested, please connect with me and we can discuss further. Alternatively, read some of my other blogs regarding being an advocate with InnerOrigin

I look forward to talking with you!

If you’d like to get in touch – call 0409 582 433 (within Australia), or fill in the form below. Thank you.