What is Cryptocurrency?

what is cryptocurrency

If we look around, everything in this century is digitalized, and artificial intelligence has taken over the globe like a storm. To keep up with our busy and super hectic lifestyles, manufacturers are focusing on manufacturing things that can complement our lifestyle or somehow add value to it. That is exactly why cryptocurrency is the new great thing.

If you want to understand the concept of cryptocurrency, then think of it as the tokens we get in the casino. Cryptocurrency is similar to that. It is digital cash against which one can avail services and buy goods pretty much like the money that we use but only digital.

Now in 2021, many companies are operating on cryptocurrency. But the question is, how does it work?

Well, for starters, It is pretty much the same as normal money you know of in your bank accounts, but it is not centralized like it. While the banks and financial institutions centralize our money, cryptocurrency solely works on computers and their algorithms.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency:

In this article, we will talk about some benefits of cryptocurrency and why it is the next big thing:

No Middle Party Involvement

The reason why today’s financing is so complicated and tiresome is that now there are so many middle parties, the banks, the brokers, legal representatives, and others involved. Not just this, but the charges and extra cost just add to it and make the entire process super complex.

This is where cryptocurrency gives a huge advantage. There is no middle party involved in the transaction—the only parties involved in the transaction is the crypto holder and the receiver. Nothing more or less. In short, Blockchain streamlines the whole process of transactions. (*Blockchain to be explained in another future article.)

Your confidentiality Stays Intact

One more reason why the cryptocurrency is a better option is that it keeps things more confidential. Our normal accounts in banks and financial institutions are not confidential. There is a record of everything which we have, and the bank does too. When it comes to cryptocurrency, each transaction that takes place is unique.

No Extra Charges

Cryptocurrency makes international transactions easy. When making an international transaction using cryptocurrency, there is no exchange rate.  As the USD is the preferred currency for the transaction in the wallet (wallets are explained on another future article), unlike traditional financing that take a cut of around 3% plus a transaction fee which may be around $30 depending on the amount, crypto transactions may be miniscule.  

Types of Cryptocurrencies:  Of which there are many!

Popular cryptos :

• Bitcoin

The trendsetter and the most popular one out of them all, the Bitcoin. There is also Bitcoin Cash, the only difference between both of them being the size of the block.

• Ethereum

While ethereum is also a cryptocurrency, it is not all about digital currency. It aims to return control to the app builders by removing middle parties so that the developers themselves can make any or all changes.

• Litecoin

This cryptocurrency is also super popular, just like Bitcoin. It also serves the same purpose as Bitcoin does.

Here are some more common types of cryptocurrencies:

• Ripple


• Stellar

• Peercoin. And many more

I’ve found a great introduction to trading and growing your share of cryptocurrency is to download the Coinbase App on your Android or IOS smart device.  Here is my link, and if you were to deposit $150AUD you will receive $13:12AUD of Bitcoin and I will too.  You then can share the App with others, they make a similar deposit and you both receive $13:12AUD of Bitcoin. #The amount may vary depending on the Coinbase company who provide the App. Here’s the link.

Let me know if you need help, Brian Haupt

Something else I do is to mine crypto with the Pi App. (*Mining to be explained on another future article.)


Prosperity: Simple Physics

Prosperity: Simple Physics

I’ve been reading Randy’s blogs and listening to his podcasts since 2003. I think the message really resonates with our current times and I often find them poignant. I’m grateful for the opportunity of bringing them to you here – hope you enjoy the read as I have!

Reposted with permission from Randy Gage

There’s a lot of mystery, misconception, and superstition infecting our spiritual and religious beliefs. Unfortunately, a lot of this illiteracy bleeds over into our beliefs about money and prosperity in general. Millions (perhaps billions) of people see the manifestation of prosperity as some mystical, unknowable process. I posit that the process is completely knowable and is, in fact, simple physics.

Let’s begin our discussion on the level of the atom. Atoms are single neutral particles and when they group together, they become molecules. (Remember, Miss Crabtree taught you this in the 5th grade.) You, your car, cell phone, and dining room table might appear to be physical objects. But on the molecular level, most of that density is comprised of empty space, with particles swimming around in it. (Think of that empty space as metaphysical substance and the particles as manifested substance, as I describe here.) This isn’t mystical mumbo jumbo, but a reflection of the fact that molecules contain electrical energy whose mathematical arrangement determine the composition of all things.

Both the space and the particles are charged with energy: magnetism, cosmic rays, electricity, and light rays. It’s all energy vibrations and energy can be attracted…or repelled.

This is true not just for you, your cell phone and other things, but also with money, whether dollars, pounds, euros, pesos, rubles or other currencies. I would make the argument that even cryptocurrencies which don’t exist as a physical bill or coin, but instead as an accounting number on the blockchain, still qualify in the energy vibration category.

You create a mental energy state about how you perceive money and material things – and that energy interacts positively or negatively with the other energy surrounding you. You physically attract or repel things, depending on the energy you are emitting.

This action of attracted and repelled energy doesn’t just apply to money and material comforts, it applies in all areas of prosperity, including intangibles like health, harmony, and relationships. (This is why you can walk into a room and instinctively know an argument has been taking place. The angry energy is literally charging the air.)

If you demean money and luxury with statements like, “It’s just money,” or “They’re just things,” you’re certain to repel them from you. Simple physics.

Remember in this podcast when I spoke about how you might be getting an emotional payoff from victimhood? Simple physics.

If you believe people with a lot of money are evil, your subconscious mind will work hard to make sure you don’t become one. Simple physics.

And if for some reason you do become rich (inheritance, lottery, etc.), your subconscious mind will work hard to make sure you find a way to self-sabotage your success. Simple physics.

If you’re a drama queen or king, craving constant chaos around you, you repel harmony. Simple physics.

When you share love, hugs, smiles, empathy, and generosity, you attract even more back to you. Simple physics.

If you imprint a desire strong enough in your subconscious mind, it works to manifest that vision on the physical plane. Simple physics.

This is why I tell you that when you vibrate at a higher level of prosperity consciousness, you will attract the right people and circumstances to manifest abundance in your life. On the metaphysical level, you are bending the universe to your will. But on the scientific level, it’s simple physics.

Peace, RG

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Brian Haupt Interview in Shimbun magazine

Middle of last year I was interviewed by the magazine writer of the Karate magazine called the Shimbun.  I have been participating in a Martial Art for over 10 years and they are impressed in my progress as a blind person. 

Please enjoy the article produced on my behalf. Keeping physically fit is very important to me.  To be fit I believe I also have to stay healthy.  I am cautious as to what I put onto and
into my body. 

Hence the reason I choose to be involved in the business and purchase the Inner Origin products. You can read more about that here

Why I’m affiliated with Inner Origin
Why I’m affiliated with Inner Origin – part 2

I am open to receive any questions you may have regarding my current lifestyle with my eye condition or what Inner Origin can do for you.  Please contact me by phone 0409 582 433 or via the website form below

Kind regards,

Brian Haupt

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Getting on with things

Getting on with things

If you’ve been reading my blogs for some time now you’ll understand that health and fitness are important to me.  Not only for living and having a standard life, but because I have been participating in the Art of Karate for the past 11 years and, being of a  a high grade student, I believe, I should be able to handle a fully physical class when we eventually get back to a proper dojo.

With the COVID virus making our lives more stressful and confined I have been resilient and innovative to ensure I keep up a regular schedule of training.  Whether that is to wear the Karate Gi and train with a YouTube video that a higher grade Sensei has made to keep students motivated and engaged, or, participating in a Karate Zoom class in my lounge room. 

In order to participate in a Zoom class I move the lounge and mats to give me space.  I am not able to  perform a full kata, a series of combinations with Stances, kicks, strikes and blocks, due to the space in my lounge room.  However, I am able to do three to four move combinations.  Only moving forward and backward by three steps.

Before COVID I was attending the gym each Saturday morning.  So with the lock down I have been keeping up a regular practice by doing a work out here at home.  What helps me, I believe, is the music I choose to listen to!  With a Google home device I am able to listen to any radio station in the world.  I enjoy up beat blues music and I’ve found  a station that plays what I like at the same time I work out.  It gives me variety and inspiration to build a sweat.  Which is so important to me!

Something else which is important to each person’s well being is clean fresh air.  So, each Sunday my girlfriend and I walk up and over Mt Coot-Tha, here in Brisbane, Queensland. The trails we choose to walk are of a variety of inclines providing a different challenge each week.  We choose the trails to make us sweat and find it a wonderful work out for our legs and lungs. Each time we go we notice how much further we can get before asking to stop for a breather.  As I’m blind there’s an added challenge of exercise and walking on unstable ground. My girlfriend participates in pole fit classes and she is really appreciating the extra exercise, even though she is shattered by the time it takes us to get to the  BBQ for lunch!

“Every journey is an adventure and every day is an experience. “

My intention in writing this blog is to show that even though times are different these days with COVID it doesn’t mean you should curl up and wait for the gym to open or hope that friends will ask you to get out and go somewhere.  You are the person who defines your goals now and for your future.  Many people have been forced to realise that jobs may not always be there and that money doesn’t come all that easy. 

In response to this, people have had to alter their routines and way of thinking about their future and what sort of lifestyle they wish to live.  Many people have lost their jobs and have had to be innovative in how they supplement their income.  Great for now!  Who knows what will happen once the businesses are up and functioning again.  Businesses have down sized, not only in the office, but in the number of employees too!  I know of this as currently I am also ringing businesses and talking with staff who are working from home.  Technology is on our side right now and that is facilitating restructuring.

There is an option for your future lifestyle and you have the choice of what it will look like.  Mine is to be fit, healthy and help as many people I can to improve their lifestyle to be what they want, not what they feel they have to settle for.

I listened to a Zoom call today by the company I am associated and I heard a wonderful term for a single mother.  Sharon, five time world boxing champion, calls herself an Independent Mother.

Know anyone who wants to be an Independent Mother?  Let me know!

Getting our heads around the new normal (for now) with Covid-19

Getting our heads around the new normal (for now) with Covid-19

We are all in unfamiliar territory. For most of us, this is the first time we are being told where we can, or can not go. Historically it’s been 100 years since humanity has faced a health risk like Covid-19.

We’re receiving instructions on how to wash your hands, even how long to wash them. This should be natural anyway. However, you, like me, have walked out of a public toilet and noticed that someone else hadn’t washed their hands before leaving. “How do I open the door now?!!!” you wondered.

If you, or someone you know who has lost their job due to the COVID-19 virus I empathise with the anxiety you must be experiencing. I too am nervous about keeping my job. Outside of running Groceries for Health, I make phone calls for a company and I already work from home.

However, as companies I connect with restructure their office layouts it makes my job harder. Companies and businesses are being forced to consider that the health of their employees may be better served by working from home. Will this be a paradigm shift toward home offices? Time will tell. In the short term it’s a great test on the NBN, employee discipline and team productivity when forced to work apart.

If you have lost your job, or, may lose your job due to the corona virus you may be considering an alternative income source. I’d like to inform you of one such opportunity.

People have to buy groceries and eat. Supermarkets and corner stores are struggling to keep up with demand. There may be temporary job opportunities at the larger supermarkets, however those jobs will fill very quickly and are likely to be transient. Unfortunately, there will be many more looking for work than job vacancies to accommodate them.

So, this may be the time to look at what I, like many others, are doing right now with InnerOrigin.

  • We are supporting small business by promoting their products online
  • The platform allows customers to purchase a selected number of products and have them delivered. This saves them from having to go to the supermarkets. Coles aren’t delivering to the general public, we are!

Each day of the week we have Zoom Webinars with quality merchant suppliers of products talking about InnerOrigin and why they are involved with the company. In addition, we outline the Ambassadors who choose to represent InnerOrigin.

If you’d like to join us on a Zoom please contact me for the times available (easy form below) and how to connect. I’d also love to have a conversation with you so you can hear why I am involved. This is a great time of life to be alive. Let’s have a conversation and see what our futures can be like!

Kind regards,
Brian Haupt
Mention my Advocate number – 209626 when you join or shop!

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On a side note – Inner Origin will have hand sanitizer on the platform and I am unsure when. I will definitely let you know when it is available.

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