Charity and business, a great partnership

Business isn’t all about making money!  However, the only reason for people to be in business, as I see it, is to make money and provide a lifestyle which you feel you deserve.  It just happens to be the barter system we use to live our current lives and provide for survival.

I also donate to charities each month.  I’ve limited this to three charities.  Because if I didn’t I would be overwhelmed with organisations putting their hand out.

Humour Foundation (aka the Clown Doctors)

The reason I’ve chosen the Humour Foundation is because they go into children’s hospitals and wards and allow them to laugh and be a child.  Laughter allows them to forget their surroundings for that short time.  I receive their emails with stories of children and parents who have appreciated having a reason to giggle, laugh and have tears streaming from their eyes due to laughter, rather then pain or boredom. 

The Clown Doctors arrive in outrageously brightly coloured clothing.  I’ve had the calendar photos described to me.  Some of these children have rare visits from family and the Clown Doctors make their life a little more enjoyable.

Assistance Dogs Australia

A lesser known charity who provide dogs for people, young and old, to help them through life is Assistance Dogs Australia.  People may require an assistance dog due to injury, illness or even depression.  These dogs are trained to do what you see may be a little thing as opening doors or putting the washing in a basket to name just a couple.  They are trained to do many other tasks which we feel are so mind-numbingly easy. 

Even being a companion can improve a persons life so much.

NVDA, Non Visual Desktop Access

This charity, NVDA, provide an online downloadable software for vision impaired people to have access to computers.  This is a free software tool for those who wish to use a computer and do not have the funds to purchase what’s known as a screen reader program.  I, myself,  use JAWS (Job Access With Speech) as this provides all the accessibility I require to do most of the tasks I can do on my desktop computer.  A screen reader program allows me to hear what I am doing on the computer as I don’t use a screen or a mouse – they are both gathering dust.  I navigate by using the keyboard with accelerator keys and short cut keys.  The program converts the text to speech for me.  I have had to learn to touch type back in 2001.  From there I have been able to achieve so much through business and social media.

I also regularly provide a #tipfromablindman on a local Facebook community page so the general public can better understand how a blind person conducts life on a daily basis.

If you have any questions please get in contact with me as I am open to answering them   I believe people ask questions to educate themselves.

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