Introducing Intrametica to our marketplace! For glowing health & skin, start your 21-day Detox exclusive to InnerOrigin with these 3 products.

INTRAMETICA® is evidenced based natural medicine formulations to transform your inner beauty! Developed by one of Australia’s top Naturopath Practitioners – Angela Smith, Intrametica will transform your body, gut and skin! Now that is sexy science!

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Intrametica Monthly Maintenance Bundle

Intrametica Collagen Ultimate Plus Travel Pack

Intrametica Purify Body Cleanse Travel Pack

Intrametica Toned Protein Boost Travel Pack

Intrametica Toned Protein Boost Pouch 400g

Intrametica Purify Body Cleanse Pouch 180g

Intrametica Collagen Ultimate Empty Preserving Caddie

Miron Glass Caddie

The miron preserving caddie is the best way to look after your Collagen Ultimate +. Not only does it protect and preserve your formula, it’s also a beautiful decor item.

We use miron glass in our caddies because it allows us to keep the formulations free from preservatives, fillers, chemicals, and antimicrobial agents, therefore maintaining ultimate freshness and potency.

When we expose something to light, it reacts — it allows living plants to grow, it causes dead plants to wither. Clear (and some other types of glass) allow light in the visible spectrum to penetrate through, causing products to degrade more quickly and encouraging microbial growth. Miron violet glass is different: it filters out light in the visible spectrum, letting in only UV light (UVA and UVB) and infrared. The absence of visible light helps the product resist degradation, increasing the product’s shelf life. While violet glass filters out visible light, it selectively lets in UVA and UVB rays, which actually suppresses negative microbial growth. We use Miron glass in our caddies because it allows us to avoid preservatives and antimicrobial agents unlike many products on the market, ensuring your product maintains freshness and is chemical free.

• Helps the product resist degradation
• Increasing the product’s shelf life
• Suppresses negative microbial growth
• Designed to perfectly hold the contents of your Intrametica® pouch

Products Available – search HERE for Intrametica

Intrametica Purify Body Cleanse Empty Preserving Caddie

Intrametica Toned Protein Boost Empty Preserving Caddie


Angela Smith
CEO, Founder, Director, Formulator and Clinical Naturopath

Intrametica® is led by renowned Naturopath and Director of Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic – Angela Maree Smith. Angela is passionate about fusing evidenced based bio-medical science, diagnostic testing with nutritional/herbal lifestyle medicine to restore health and wellness to the body. Angela is a broadcaster, writer and clinical presenter to Naturopaths. She has a thriving multimodality practice in Natural Medicine located in Melbourne. She is also an industry advisor on nutritional and herbal formulations influencing what many health care practitioners use today.

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