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Looking after our health is vital to living a long and happy life. But how do you ensure that you’re looking after all aspects of your well-being? This blog is part of a series of seven blogs on this topic.

Seven Elements for Well-being

We’ve come up with a list of seven elements that we believe contribute to living a healthy, happy life. Over the next weeks we’ll look at them one by one –

Fire – Take a daily dose of sun and grab some vitamin D
Water – Hydration is fundamental and bathing is pretty important too!
Air – Fresh air, take it in with simple breathing exercises
Earth – Grounding through Meditation (the importance of controlling your thoughts and relaxing your mind) and Family (embrace your close relationships to share experiences and life milestones)
Exercise – There’s no denying how vital exercise is to health and we discuss several types with big benefits
Keeping it Simple – Bartering, working to support your lifestyle and reducing material stressors

Get that daily dose of sun to enhance your mood and soak up some Vitamin D

Sun, the ultimate and sustainable source of energy is a vital part of your daily life. There are good reasons as to why spending some time in the sun for a moderate amount of time is often suggested. Getting a little sunshine every day can do wonders for your body and health. As the rays of sun hit your body, the production of Vitamin D naturally begins. In addition to this, sunlight relieves stress, improves sleep cycle and also helps in treating depression.

Amazing Benefits of Getting That Ray of Sunshine in the Morning

Sunlight boosts your mood – Sunshine has proven to improve a person’s mood by regulating the production of serotonin – the feel good hormone.

Sunshine vitamin for your bones – Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin is important when it comes to your bone health. It accommodates in the absorption of calcium and also acts as a shield against weakness of muscles.

Shield against various diseases – Although exposure to a lot of sunlight can cause skin cancer, getting adequate sunlight can keep various types of cancer and fatal diseases away.

Potential Harm from Sun Rays and how you can protect yourself from it

Although there are numerous benefits of getting in the sun, being under the hot rays for a long time can expose you to harmful UVA and UVB rays which may result in sunburn, wrinkles and spots. To keep yourself safe from these harmful rays, using a sunscreen before exposure to sunlight is highly recommended. An organic skincare that is mild on the skin and contains soothing and organic ingredients with a good SPF is the most preferable for your skin.

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Despite being a little harmful when exposed to excessively, getting a moderate amount of sunlight daily can be beneficial for your mind, health and body.

Stay posted for the full series coming over the next weeks!

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