Getting our heads around the new normal (for now) with Covid-19

We are all in unfamiliar territory. For most of us, this is the first time we are being told where we can, or can not go. Historically it’s been 100 years since humanity has faced a health risk like Covid-19.

We’re receiving instructions on how to wash your hands, even how long to wash them. This should be natural anyway. However, you, like me, have walked out of a public toilet and noticed that someone else hadn’t washed their hands before leaving. “How do I open the door now?!!!” you wondered.

If you, or someone you know who has lost their job due to the COVID-19 virus I empathise with the anxiety you must be experiencing. I too am nervous about keeping my job. Outside of running Groceries for Health, I make phone calls for a company and I already work from home.

However, as companies I connect with restructure their office layouts it makes my job harder. Companies and businesses are being forced to consider that the health of their employees may be better served by working from home. Will this be a paradigm shift toward home offices? Time will tell. In the short term it’s a great test on the NBN, employee discipline and team productivity when forced to work apart.

If you have lost your job, or, may lose your job due to the corona virus you may be considering an alternative income source. I’d like to inform you of one such opportunity.

People have to buy groceries and eat. Supermarkets and corner stores are struggling to keep up with demand. There may be temporary job opportunities at the larger supermarkets, however those jobs will fill very quickly and are likely to be transient. Unfortunately, there will be many more looking for work than job vacancies to accommodate them.

So, this may be the time to look at what I, like many others, are doing right now with InnerOrigin.

  • We are supporting small business by promoting their products online
  • The platform allows customers to purchase a selected number of products and have them delivered. This saves them from having to go to the supermarkets. Coles aren’t delivering to the general public, we are!

Each day of the week we have Zoom Webinars with quality merchant suppliers of products talking about InnerOrigin and why they are involved with the company. In addition, we outline the Ambassadors who choose to represent InnerOrigin.

If you’d like to join us on a Zoom please contact me for the times available (easy form below) and how to connect. I’d also love to have a conversation with you so you can hear why I am involved. This is a great time of life to be alive. Let’s have a conversation and see what our futures can be like!

Kind regards,
Brian Haupt
Mention my Advocate number – 209626 when you join or shop!

Get Started Today!

See what’s available now. Click here to visit the store and check out all the great products. For further details contact Brian, your Inner Origin Advocate on 0409 582 433 (within Australia), or fill in the form below. Thank you.

On a side note – Inner Origin will have hand sanitizer on the platform and I am unsure when. I will definitely let you know when it is available.

About Groceries For Health

Groceries for Health are a proud Inner Origin Advocate.  Inner Origin products have been selected with care and follow strict guidelines to adhere to our philosophy.

This is a secure Australian site allowing you, the customer, to purchase the products and have them delivered direct to your door.

You shop, we pack and deliver.

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