Happy New Year 2022

Here is the last article before the year 2022.

How exciting is that!  Unfortunately we have no idea what is ahead of our journey of life from January!  The last two years have certainly been an experience in many ways!  With lockdowns. Lockups, and lock outs and it may happen all over again even with the minimum 80% vaccinated. 

I’d just like to ask that you are strong and have belief that somewhere down the track is the end of the tunnel and the whole world can live with this current situation and move forward.

I am unsure of what the year 2022 holds for me and the running of this site.  However, till I also make a decision we’ll ensure there is an article here for you to read each week.

Please have a most wonderful and safe New Years.  If you’re driving please be safe.  If you have a drink, be with friends and stay safe.  If you go to any fireworks follow the rules and make it home safe.  “I think the message is to be safe” Chuckling here!!!!

 Breathing is one of my addictions, as the alternative isn’t the best!

PS – I am selling the fully functioning GFH website and all the social media which is attached, four FB pages, Twitter and Instagram.  Including the over three and half years of content and contact form.  All the buyer needs to do is redirect the URL of their preferred domain.  Then go into each of the articles and redirect those URLs.  The lot for $3,000 AUD or the equivalent in crypto. Know anyone??? There is a finder’s fee of $200!!!

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