How Healthy are Mushrooms for you?

Most people consider mushrooms healthy as they are free from gluten and cholesterol.  However, this super food is also low in sugar, sodium, fat, and calories. It is popular for its culinary use as it is a flavour enhancer. That explains why mushrooms are often used as pizza toppings!

Apart from all these features, this super food has enormous medicinal value which is often overlooked. The use of mushrooms as medicines can be traced back to centuries in the Asian culture. Studies have revealed that it has four important nutrients that are essential for a healthy ageing process.

Important Nutrients in Mushrooms

Mushrooms are packed with four essential nutrients which are glutathione, selenium, ergothioneine and vitamin D. All these nutrients are antioxidants which are known to reduce stress.


Edible mushrooms are the leading dietary source of ergo and glutathione which are master antioxidants. Studies have also revealed that people with high ergo content in their blood had lesser chances of developing age-related diseases such as dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The Japanese are known to be fervent consumers of mushrooms and there are fewer incidences of dementia and other age-related diseases in that country.

Vitamin D

Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D which is known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. The formation of cancer cells is prevented by the folate present in mushrooms which aids in the repair and synthesis of DNA.


Mushrooms are also rich in potassium, vitamin C, and fibre. Therefore helping to regulate blood pressure and promoting cardiovascular health. Moreover, mushrooms are low in sodium which further diminishes the risk of developing high blood pressure.


Rich in selenium, mushrooms help to enhance your immune system by producing T-cells in your body. This also helps to inhibit the growth of tumours and fights cancer cells in the body.

Dietary Fibre

Being rich in fibre, mushrooms act as a bulking agent and reduce your appetite. This effect helps to enhance your satiety and therefore aids in weight management. Mushrooms make you feel fuller and this helps to reduce the overall intake of calories.

Mushrooms are truly a surprising vegetable that can be grown easily on your kitchen bench. With the Life Cykel Coffee Mushroom Box, you can grow oyster mushrooms easily. Oyster mushrooms are excellent meat substitutes,  packed with nutrients and, delicious!

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