How to Choose the Right Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most multipurpose and popularly used natural oils all over the world. From promoting hair growth, fighting skin scars to cooking; coconut oil can be used for all possible reasons. If you are planning to use coconut oil for beauty purposes or any other reasons, then it’s equally essential for you to make the right buying choice as well. Here are some factors that you must keep in mind in order to find the best coconut oil for your specific use –

  • Food-Grade Vs Non-Food-Grade Coconut Oil –

If you intend to use coconut oil for cooking or dressing purposes, then you must make a point to buy high quality food-grade coconut oil. On the other hand, non-food-grade coconut should only be bought for external use, like cleaning etc.

  • Refined Vs Virgin Coconut Oil –

If you plan to use coconut oil for cooking that is likely to involve high intensity of heat, then you must opt for the refined version of coconut oil. Make sure that the refined coconut oil you have chosen to buy is refined following an organic and chemical free process. Otherwise, you’ll end up buying a coconut oil that not only lacks in nutrients, but also in the authentic coconut taste. Virgin and unrefined coconut oil on the other hand is more suited for baking, dressings and low intensity heat cooking etc.

  • Solid Vs Liquid Coconut Oil –

It’s always recommended that you buy solid coconut oil, instead of going for its liquid form. Coconut oil in its solid form not only has a longer shelf life, but is also purer than its liquid version. This way, you can still use the liquid form of oil, just by warming the solid form for a few seconds.

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