“I Am” Organic Wine

The “I Am” Story

I AM a wine lover. I AM a massive fan of Mother Nature and trust she knows best. I AM patient for the next vintage…most of the time! I AM healthy. I AM strong. I AM passionate about life.

“I AM” is about expressing yourself in the most positive of ways. It is truth in a bottle. Every vineyard and every season is different and our traditional, clean and natural winemaking reflects this. It tells us the story of that year in the vineyard. With cooler, rainy summers we may find the yields higher, but the wines lighter just as a very dry, long summer may result in lower yields but reward us with berries of intense flavour.

“I AM” encourages everyone to share their own unique story at each gathering that “I AM” is sipped. “I AM” is more than an incredible unique curated wine, it is also about the experience and connection with others. Rather than asking people “What do you do for work? Where do you live? And how old are you?”

Instead you share “I AM” Healthy, Loving, Wealthy, Joyful, Abundant, Curious, Happy, Grateful, Intelligent, Thankful , Bloody Brilliant, Youthful, Generous, Energetic, Remarkable, Handsome, Talented , Beautiful, Powerful, Willing, Motivated, Free, Unique, A Legend, Fearless, Open, Strong, Hilarious, Loyal, Gorgeous, Myself, Amazing, Limitless, Exceptional, One-of-a-kind, Enough. And why you are!

What makes “I Am” the best choice

Grapes are grown organically. No chemicals or undesirables. We believe that by growing strong, healthy vines they become resilient, the environmental impact is minimised as the soil is worked less often and as a bonus, the fruit tastes better. Tradition is honoured by working with nature – we don’t rush any process. There are no shortcuts.

Respect, integrity and value infuse every aspect of what we do because we believe in a healthy, joyful life for us all today and future generations to come.

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