If Sugar Is So Harmful to Health, Why Consume Fruits?

Everyone has heard about the ill effects of excessive sugar consumption; the question is does that include the natural sugar in whole, fresh fruits?

The sugar in fruit separates into glucose and fructose, similar to the sugar in different food items, for example, cakes and treats. This can be dangerous for some people, especially diabetics, who need to carefully measure the amount of sugar in their daily diet. But that does not mean that we completely avoid eating fresh fruits.

Wholesome Profile of Fruit

Despite the fact that fruits contain sugar, it is also a rich source of many other vital nutrients for example, vitamins, minerals, water and, in particular, fibre. The fibre moderates the assimilation of sugar in the body, which means you don’t get the spike in glucose that accompanies expending sugar in different structures. Moreover, fruit regularly contains less sugar by volume in comparison to other sugary items, like, frozen yogurt, as explained by an enlisted dietician, Joy Dubost.

The fibre additionally adds to the feeling of ‘fullness’, helping you eat a proportionate amount of food. There is confirmation through research that eating wholesome organic products increases years to a person’s life as it marginalizes severe issues like cancer or malignancy, weight related issues and coronary illness.

Fruits, though a source of sugar, are a ‘good’ source. Natural sugar does not harm the body in ways that free or unnatural sugar does. For example, the sugar obtained from 1 glass of orange juice will only be consumed upon eating around 6 fresh oranges. Thus, if a person is trying to lose weight, cut down on sugar or eating healthy, the same rules of ill-effects of sugar do not apply to fresh fruits. Keep away from sodas and artificially sweetened products and treat yourself to fresh sweet fruits.

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