InnerOrigin Brand Ambassadors

InnerOrigin brand ambassadors personify the company philosophy. These diverse individuals capture the essence of inspiration and have achieved heightened success and many accolades in their chosen fields. Our brand ambassadors inspire, motivate and encourage others to embrace a health and well-being lifestyle in every way.

From medical and healthcare professionals, sports athletes, musicians and TV personalities, our celebrity ambassadors come from all walks of life. Their vision for a healthier, natural and more environmentally balanced future is what InnerOrigin is all about.

Layne Beachley

AO, 7x World Surfing Champion

Kirk Pengilly

Musician, Founding member of INXS

Pete Evans

Australian Chef, Author & TV Personality

Therese Kerr

Author, Public Speaker & Australia’s top 50 Most Influential Women

Therese Kerr is an Author, Public Speaker, Australian Organic Health and Wellness Ambassador and Co-Founder of The Divine Company. She was voted Australian Organic Industry Leader in 2015 and one of Australia’s Top 50 Most Influential Women.

A passionate holistic health advocate, Therese works with Professors and wellness practitioners sharing evidenced-based research on chemical toxicity within the human body and its impacts. Research is now concluding that most diseases experienced by human beings are linked to environmental factors / toxins of sorts.

Through The Divine Company, Therese and her business partner’s (John her husband, and Nick and Sylvi Allan) manufacture the highest quality certified organic skin, personal, men’s and baby care products. Their collective goal is to transform health in one generation and they do this through:

  1. Education: empowering others to understand the health benefits that come with switching to safer products.
  2. Providing solutions: arguably more effective than the conventional chemical-based products we have become accustomed to. The Divine Company manufactures the highest quality certified organic personal care products: Divine Man – Certified organic men’s products, Divine Baby – Certified Organic baby products and Divine Woman – Age Defying skincare.

Therese is an InnerOrigin Ambassador and we couldn’t be more inspired by her approach to life and her support for us.

“InnerOrigin is a platform for total wellness – offering products that support, not hinder health. There is nothing I don’t love about InnerOrigin!”

Dr Charlie Teo

Leading Neurosurgeon

Helen Padarin

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist & Author

Tony Kemp

Former International Rugby Player and Coach & current Functional Medicine Health Practitioner

Sharon Anyos

 Sharon’s Achievements:
Champion Mum of 4 Boys  
5 x World Boxing Champion
The WBC (World Boxing Council) Inaugural Featherweight Champion
WBC Emeritus Champion meaning The Elite of the Elite in the ring and amongst the Community.
WBC Peace and Goodwill Ambassador 2005
WBC Cares Australian Ambassador
Subconscious BioHacker
Energy Healer
NLP Practitioner
Life Coach
Health and Fitness Professional
Life Changer
“I have had a life that has allowed me to compete and see many areas of the world and build a network of incredible people that I could not even place a number on.  Places like USA, Mexico, UK, Japan, Europe, New Zealand, Bahamas have gifted me so much life and profession experience that I count my blessing daily.

I have had the ability to meet, listen and learn from Business Leaders, Profession Athletes, Movie Stars and most importantly people inside communities.  I have heard their cries of what holds them back and I created The Born Limitless Institute.  Where people come to learn how to biohack or completely rewire their thought process and belief system to dramatically shift their results in every area of your life.”

“In a world where there is so much confusion and manipulation by many companies and brands around the Term ‘Organic” for their own personal gain.  InnerOrigin is THE platform that allows me to feel safe.  This revolutionary platform WILL become the Amazon of HEALTH that removes all confusion and allow families that place of authenticity that we have been missing in the marketplace for way to many decades. I am proud to stand for families who can now shop online with complete confidence knowing that every product is wholesome and natural and there are ZERO nasties that play havoc inside our bodies and the bodies of our loved ones.” – Sharon