Lower the risk of blood clots by drizzling olive oil on food once a week

Adding olive oil to your diet even once a week can lower your risk of suffering with occluded arteries. When arteries are occluded, it can trigger myocardial infarction and stroke.

It has long been known that the Mediterranean diet is associated with good heart health and that olive oil is a component of Mediterranean diet. Olive oil’s molecular makeup makes your platelets elastic to clot.

People who are overweight are at increased risk of heart attack. The choice of eating olive oil may have the potential to help change that risk.

Platelets are blood cell fragments that stick together and form lumps and blood clots when activated. It is found that people who eat olive oil at least once a week had lower platelet activation as compared to participants who ate it less frequently and that the lowest levels of platelet aggregation were observed among those people who eat olive oil more often.

Olive oil contains phenols which have been found evident in fighting clotting in lab tests. Olive oil boosts a component of HDL know as apoA- IV. This helps protect against platelet aggregation that can cause heart attacks and Ischemic strokes.

Platelet activity increases after eating explaining why heart attacks more likely to occur after heavy meals. ApoA-IV helps platelets to stick together which is an early step in the development of a blood clot. So the ability of the olive oil to boost apoA-IV can help prevent a cardiovascular catastrophe.

Monounsaturated fats in olive oils elevate the apo-IV levels which offers a critical
cardiovascular protection. So including olive oil in your diet once a week can protect you from diseases like thrombosis.

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