Merry Christmas 2021

Well, Christmas already and the end of the year one week later!

Another peculiar year unless you were living in a State which did not experience extended lock downs.  Here in Queensland we had some sort of luck.  However, the threat was always close.  As we had to rely on the State Government to make the decisions as to whether businesses opened or stayed closed.  I have met so many people who felt it easier to be employees now rather then take the risk and run a business where they had to interact with other people face to face.  They are happier financially, although they miss what they were previously doing!

I do hope you are able to spend time with family and friends in this uncertain period.  We are all looking forward to living life as normal as possible when we are told what normal is!

Just want to send our most sincere thoughts toward you and your family for a wonderful and safe Christmas.  Please take care and enjoy it as much as you can.

PS – I am selling the fully functioning GFH website and all the social media which is attached, four FB pages, Twitter and Instagram.  Including the over three and half years of content and contact form.  All the buyer needs to do is redirect the URL of their preferred domain.  Then go into each of the articles and redirect those URLs.  The lot for $3,000 AUD or the equivalent in crypto.

Know anyone??? There is a finder’s fee of $200!!!!

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