Nutrigenomics – How does it help in weight loss?

Nutrigenomics is the study of how the nutrients interact with our genes and the eventual effects on our health. Even though it has been around for a long time, only a few people know about the Nutrigenomics. In 2003, several scientists have completed the Human Genome Project which is a sequel of the entire human genome. This project has sparked interest in the masses about the idea of determining the ideal diet by using the genetic information.

Currently, there are few nutrition companies that are recommending diets based on people’s cheek swab or blood sample.

The role of Nutrigenomics in weight loss:

The ever-evolving science and technology have a huge impact on our daily lives. Many innovations are coming up within the weight loss industry to help people maintain proper weight and fitness. Nutrigenomics is the latest addition to the list of weight loss techniques that we have today.

The gene mapping of a person helps in determining the perfect exercise and diet plan for them to lose weight. Diet plans that are based on one’s genetic mapping may vary completely to the formal diet plans.

Different types of tests are available to determine a person’s genetic mapping. After understanding a person’s genetic mapping, the nutrigenomic expert may recommend appropriate diet plans and physical activity depending on the genetic mapping of that person.

Formal diet plans usually don’t work for everyone. Our body types are completely different from each other. So, practicing diet plans according to our genetic mapping can benefit us in a huge way. Now, we can opt for the appropriate diet plan that suits best for our body type. Even though this approach is still in it’s infancy, experts believe that nutrigenomics is the future of weight loss techniques.

The Inner Origin Company has recently added the exclusive Truly Yours DNA test kits to the platform.

Two DNA tests are currently available for you to provide information to your fitness coach or nutritionist, with more to come.  They may be a little skeptical at first but once they can read your personal results they can tailor make a  correct plan for your body type.

You will feel the benefits!

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