Our genes and their effects on our fitness

Do you know that our genes affect our behavior in every aspect? Genes have the ability to support you through everything or at the same time, simply break your way. People who’re looking to maintain proper fitness or lose some weight need to understand the genetic nature of our body. People must get a complete understanding of the way genes work and the impact of it physically and psychologically. Science, diet, and physiology are interlinked to each other. Genetic mapping is a very important factor that determines a person’s health and fitness.

When it comes to fitness, everyone wants to achieve their goals by working hard. But many people fail at it and may wonder why. To dig more into this topic, you need to understand what type of genes affect our fitness and how. The following 5 genes are related to the fitness and may help you achieve your goals if you understand the way they work.

  • FTO:

Usually referred to as the ‘fat gene’, this gene is linked to the weight gaining risk. This type of gene is genetically programmed to consume more food. FTO increases a person’s appetite which eventually leads them to consume more food. If you’re carrying this type of gene variation, you may need to follow appropriate diet and fitness plans which are compatible with this gene.

  • ACE:

A gene that’s linked to the athletic performance and endurance. You need to follow the diet and workout plans that are appropriate to this gene variation.

  • CYP1A2:

CYP1A2 is the gene that produces a type of caffeine-removing protein. Different variations of this gene produce different levels of the protein, which makes a person either slow or fast at the caffeine metabolism. Getting to know how you metabolize caffeine can help you in the long run.

  • UCP2:

This gene impacts your body metabolism rate. A fast metabolism can be a really bad thing for you because when the metabolism is fast, most of the food isn’t converted into energy. So, make sure that you know your body’s metabolism rate and follow appropriate diet and fitness regimens.

  • LCT:

LCT is the gene that’s responsible for the production of the enzyme lactase. It is the enzyme that digests lactose. Knowing your LCT variation can be a great asset in the fitness and diet planning.

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