Plant protein versus animal protein

Your entire body is made up of proteins. These proteins originate from the food you have eaten in your past. Since you have consumed only two types of foods, that is, plants and animals, the proteins in your body have also come from these two sources.

More than 60% of the proteins consumed by humans in the world are supplied by plants. If you are thinking that proteins only originate in milk and other dairy products than you need to broaden your horizon! It also comes from whole grains, cereals, and even fermented plant foods.

It is a popular notion that protein is found more in animals rather than plants. Sometimes the words eggs and meat are synonymous with protein. But, there are some sources which support plant protein including Popular Science who recently announced that plant protein is superior.

The debate goes on so we need to look at it from various perspectives.

1. Protein with fat or, Protein with fibre

Even though the protein content in meat is high, it lacks fibre, which is an important carbohydrate required for digestion. Fibre is also helpful in promoting a healthy gut microbiome. Consuming plants offers more nutrients compared to animals.

On the other hand, consuming animal proteins will include fat in your diet which, in excess, can be harmful to your body.

2. Plants are “healthier” than animals

Just passing a statement like this one is not correct. You need to make your own choices and decide what is best for you. Certainly, there are healthy people who are non-vegetarians. At the same time, there are also people who are vegetarians and smoke regularly.

There is a greater perspective here.

3. A balanced diet

Dividing plants and animals based simply on protein is not reasonable. If plants have a good percentage of nutrients, animals have a good content of fatty acids.

Where the ultimate goal is to have a balanced diet it may be best to combine animal and plant-based foods optimally to get the best of both. Perhaps rather than deciding to be completely carnivorous or herbivorous, be omnivorous. Your choice!

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