How Efficient are you at Reading Nutrition Labels?


Healthy food choices are key to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Reading the nutrition labels of packaged food products is one of the most important factors to help you make correct food choices for you and your family. But, with so many serving ratios and nutrient percentages mentioned on the products, you may get confused and dissuaded from any further attempts at reading them.

Another factor that makes reading labels so tiresome is the time they consume. It can be useful to do online research of these products instead of wasting your time decoding labels in the store while shopping.

There are a number of factors that you need to pay attention to most while reading nutrition labels to get optimum benefit from them.


Firstly, you need to be careful when reading the serving size mentioned on the product. You must be aware of the difference between “serving size”, “number of servings”, and “servings per container”.

The serving size you consume as per your label, measures the amount of calories and nutrients that you consume in that particular meal.


Tracking calories per serving as mentioned in the label will give you an idea about your energy consumption ratio in that specific meal. You can even go one step ahead and get an insight into the details of macronutrients consumed by you per serving. For instance, consuming 1 gram protein means that you have consumed 4 calories and similarly consuming 1 gram fat means that you have consumed 10 calories in that serving.

Good Nutrients

Look for packaged food products that are rich in fibre, Vitamin A, C, Iron, and Calcium. These are good nutrients that contain all the imperative constituents to boost your body’s immunity and strength.

Nutrients to Avoid

Last but not the least, take notice of all the nutrients in the labels that need to be avoided or at least limited in your meals. You should limit your consumption of foods that denote a high ratio of trans fat, saturated fat, processed sugar, cholesterol, and sodium.

The early you cultivate the habit of reading labels efficiently, the better your chances of making the right food choices, comparing products easily and better managing any special diet.

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