Resolve to Improve Your Health and Vitality in 2022 Part 1

Are you making hard-to-follow New Year diet resolutions to improve your health? If that hasn’t worked for you in the past perhaps it’s time for something new.

Breaking your goal into smaller, more achievable goals can bring amazing results – you just need some time, patience and a dash of discipline.

Maybe these could be some resolutions for 2022

Drink plenty of water

Water is fat-free, cheap and gives your body needed hydration. Eight classes a day is a good target. Does it sound tough? Start by thinking smaller.

Begin your day by drinking a glass of water on your empty stomach. If you want to have some more variety, add a splash of your beverage to a glass of water first. Or, try a squeeze of your favorite citrus. Just try to drink more water than yesterday. This way you’ll stay hydrated and reap the benefits water brings to your body.

Lower your sugar intake

Resolve to reduce your intake of sugar. Again, this does not need to happen overnight. A slower change will allow your taste buds to adjust as well as your pantry! Begin by making yourself more aware of your sugar intake. For many people this isn’t the sugar they add to coffee or tea (although that doesn’t help) but it’s hidden in their daily food choices.

When you become aware of what you’re consuming, start to opt for healthier alternatives such as yoghurt, whole foods and nuts

Resist your food cravings and stop snacking

Often certain activities make us feel hungry – for example watching movies with friends after dinner, you can develop a craving for snacks and sweet or alcoholic drinks.  This is something you need to keep in check.

Be mindful of what and when you’re eating. Pay attention to what you’re eating and think of the day’s foods as a whole.

If you are still finding it difficult to stop yourself from nibbling, then make your hands busy, drink a glass of water or have a cup of tea (hold the sugar!)

Add more prebiotics and probiotics to your diet

Prebiotics are non-digestible and natural food components that help in promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut. Some of the best sources of prebiotics are garlic, bananas, soybeans, whole-wheat bread and onions.

Probiotics, on the other hand, help in repopulating intestinal bacteria so that it can balance gut flora. Some of the best sources of probiotics are kefir, yogurt and miso.

If you want to improve your overall health, incorporating probiotics and prebiotics into your everyday diet will be a good step in the right direction.

Go for the rainbow

Resolve to include a variety of vitamins in your diet. In order to ensure this, include as many colors as you can while cooking a dish. Of course, this is mainly vegetables and sometimes fruits.

Check in with us next week for some more great tips!

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