The downfall of the Y chromosome and its effects on men

downfall of the Y chromosome

The Y chromosome is usually linked to masculinity and manliness. But it’s gradually disappearing with time. Even though it carries the very important ‘master switch’ gene which is the SRY, the Y chromosome is losing its base. SRY is the gene that determines the gender of an embryo. Women don’t have the Y chromosome, they comprise of two X chromosomes. Males are the only organisms that have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. But the Y chromosome is slowly degenerating.

The first ever mammals who dated back to 166 million years in the past, the story of Y chromosome is a completely different one. The early Y chromosome used to be the same size when compared to X chromosome. Anyhow, the Y chromosome has a natural flaw. Every chromosome in our body exists in pairs except for the Y chromosome. The Y chromosome exists in single copies, which are passed from the fathers to their male offsprings.

The Genetic combination is a process that every generation undergoes to eliminate the useless genetic mutations. Y chromosome is the only type of chromosome that isn’t compatible with this procedure. Due to this conditions, the Y chromosome genes are in the way of degeneration which eventually leads to complete loss out of the genome.
However, the Y chromosome has developed a defensive mechanism which allows them to undergo ‘gene amplification’ which allows them to put brakes on their degeneration.

What does it mean to men?

In the case of a complete loss of Y chromosomes, men are essential for the reproduction. In such situations, the SRY gene which determines the gender of an embryo moves to a different chromosome and continues to do its thing.

Listening to many experienced people regarding the research behind the disintegration of the Y chromosome,  man-made chemicals are a major contributor.  Harmful petrochemical-based products found in the home and business/company premises are slowly changing our make up.

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