Tea, the key to a long and healthy life? Maybe!

Wish to know the secret of a healthy and long life? Well, it could be just right on your table in the form of a cup of tea!

A study involving more than 100,000 participants from China suggests that drinking tea adds more years to your life. The study that was followed up from the year1998-2015 took into account the tea drinking routine and medical records of participants.

As per the study, participants who drank tea at least thrice a week had their life extended by an average of 1.26 years. Similarly, in comparison to non-tea drinkers or people who rarely consumed tea, these people were protected from any kind of heart ailment or stroke for about 1.41 years more.

The study also came to a conclusion that people who drink tea on a regular basis have 15% lower risk of death from any condition. In fact, participants who continued their habit of drinking tea for almost a decade experienced an improvement in their overall health.

Approximately half of the participants who were found to have lowered their risk of mortality or stroke were people who consumed green tea. The researchers behind the study believe that some special properties found in green tea are most likely to reduce the risk of heart ailments, along with boosting the overall health of an individual.

So, now as you know your way to a healthy and long life, it’s time to get your hands at your favourite green tea right now!

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