The benefits of knowing your DNA

The emergence of genetic testing has provided many opportunities to predict the future of humans. Genetic testing offers a chance for the scientist to understand the DNA structure and predict the risks humans carry with them.

Apart from that, the scientists can even help you to find the right way to lose your weight or to give up addictions like smoking.

Two Finnish researchers conducted a study aiming to understand the DNA structure of the individuals with high cholesterol levels. Testing of their DNA revealed that they are more likely to face any heart disease in the future.

When researchers disclosed this truth to the individuals, they began practicing healthier habits in order to protect themselves from these diseases. The DNA tests did not give any guarantee that the individuals would be facing heart problems, however, knowing about their predisposition, helped them to develop better habits.

Out of the individuals who were a part of this project, 17% of them quit smoking successfully in just 18 months.

A similar study was conducted in Estonia where the researchers developed a tool called “KardioKompass”, which produces a risk score on the statistical chance of developing a heart disease.

Apart from predicting and helping to develop healthy habits, knowing about your DNA can help in various ways. For example finding your lost family members.

Comparing the results of your genetic reports with that of other DNA samples can help you to find members of your family tree. There are organizations that compare your sample with those available from the world and help you to understand your true ethnicity.

With genetic testing becoming more cost-effective, it has become easier for common people to get a correct understanding of the DNA.

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