The Importance of Clean Air

The intake of clean air has some amazing benefits you never knew.

Air! The most vital part of life is something that you can never see. The possibility of life is because a lot of gases in the atmosphere were present billions of years ago. These gases resulted in the formation of air that we breathe, the oxygen or O2. Billions and trillions of species thrive on Planet Earth due to the presence of air.

Looking after our health is vital to living a long and happy life. But how do you ensure that you’re looking after all aspects of your well-being? This blog is part of a series of seven blogs on this topic.

Seven Elements for Well-being

We’ve come up with a list of seven elements that we believe contribute to living a healthy, happy life. Over the next weeks we’ll look at them one by one –

Fire – Take a daily dose of sun and grab some vitamin D
Water – Hydration is fundamental and bathing is pretty important too!
Air – Fresh air, take it in with simple breathing exercises
Earth – Grounding through Meditation (the importance of controlling your thoughts and relaxing your mind) and Family (embrace your close relationships to share experiences and life milestones)
Exercise – There’s no denying how vital exercise is to health and we discuss several types with big benefits
Keeping it Simple – Bartering, working to support your lifestyle and reducing material stressors

The air today is extremely polluted due to the increasing traffic on roads, enormous amount of gases and chemicals are released into the atmosphere by various industries, burning of waste materials releases harmful chemicals like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic chemicals. All these reasons make it even more crucial to breathe in fresh and clean air and live a sustainable life.

Why Clean Air is Important to Leading a Healthy Life

Cleanses your Lungs – Breathing in fresh and clean air helps your lung airways to get dilated and hence results in improved cleansing action of lungs. Breathing in and out through lungs also releases many airborne toxins from your body.

Improves your Mood – Fresh air increases the levels of serotonin in your body. This hormone elevates your mood and makes you feel good.

Boosts Immune System – Clean air maintains healthy white blood cells in your body. This strengthens your immune system to fight diseases effectively. You must also add yummy healthy foods to your diet in order to boost your immune system.

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Just like breathing clean is air essential, practising deep breathing regularly also works wonders for your body.

Deep breathing exercises

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing – This breathing exercise involves lying on your back and carrying out relaxing belly breathing.
  • Lion’s Breath – A type of yoga which helps relieve tension
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing – The most recommended breathing exercise that is extremely beneficial for your respiratory health

Fresh air is often under estimated for it benefits. Only a person who regularly practices deep breathing and makes it a point to get as much as clean air possible will understand the amazing benefits it offers.

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