The importance of quality hydration

We all hear how important it is to stay hydrated.  Especially when we’re in summer!  The heat and humidity in  the northern parts of Australia will have you sweating, and feeling it! However, in the southern states of Australia and New Zealand while you are still sweating, the dryer air evaporates the sweat. 

So, in all areas of these two countries staying hydrated is very important, as is the quality of water you are drinking.  Some water that comes from your town supply is filtered with chemicals to kill bacteria and take out other contaminants including heavy metals.

A little salt is a great addition to your drinking water.  As research has shown that salt assists the water to penetrate the walls of your blood cells.  This in turn assists in transporting the water to the necessary organs and muscles  of your body, including your brain. 

If you feel woozy or a headache coming on in summer take a couple of grains of natural salt and roll it around on your tongue to dissolve it then drink a glass of body temperature water.  This will allow the salt and water to penetrate your stomach lining and the body can direct the water to where ever your brain feels you need it.

As mentioned, the quality of water you drink is extremely important.  If, by consuming water, you also consume too many contaminants these will need to be filtered out through your liver and kidneys.  These two vital organs also require a flush and this isn’t as effective without clean water.

A great filter to have above, under your sink or the whole house is the Extreme Wellness Water Filter System.  This system removes 99% of contaminants in tap water and allows your body to make quick, effective use of the water when ingested.  The whole house system also improves the vapour you are breathing in whilst showering.

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