3 Suggestions for a Healthier Childhood, Avoiding Adult Onset Diabetes

Kids of today are vulnerable in that they have little awareness or decision making power in what is good for their health and what is not.

Marketers and advertisers can make any unhealthy food appear attractive and delicious. The use of colourful ads and use of well-known TV and comic characters are factors that hijack the taste buds of your children and can create addictions to processed foods.

You may feel that occasionally it’s fine to go for a burger or a pizza. And it is but, regular consumption of junk food may lead to some serious damage to your child’s health.
Poor nutrition during childhood can result in the development of Type 2 diabetes, also called as Adult Onset Diabetes. This can be avoided if the following three suggestions are taken.

Healthy choices versus Marketers choices

You, as a parent, must take care that your children are falling prey to advertising stunts. The main customers of certain processed food companies are your children and, they target them very cleverly.

Examples include promoting unhealthy foods in the name of “a balanced breakfast”. Discuss advertising with them so they understand it’s nature and it’s inherent bias. Try also to limit their exposure to advertising.

Gradual Improvements on Food Selection

Kids are easily attracted to junk food. However, in order to develop healthy eating habits, take small steps by instilling good habits.

It is not always an easy task to reduce their intake of addictive, processed foods. You will need to be strict and consequential with them. Ultimately this can only have a positive impact on their health as studies have shown a large correlation between the repeated consumption of unhealthy food and Type 2 diabetes.

Poor Childhood Diet Leads to an Unhealthy Adult

It is a common misconception that once your kid grows into an adult, they will make healthy food choices. The eating habits developed in the childhood are very difficult to break even if they grow as adults.

Remember, your example is also extremely important. Observing parents making less healthy choices will also have a big impact on children’s behaviour and own choices.

One small example – As a healthy option – muesli with milk for breakfast. Muesli is a mixture of grains with a crunchy flavour which your kid will enjoy.

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