Water for Life

Looking after our health is vital to living a long and happy life. But how do you ensure that you’re looking after all aspects of your well-being? This blog is part of a series of seven blogs on this topic.

Seven Elements for Well-being

We’ve come up with a list of seven elements that we believe contribute to living a healthy, happy life. Over the next weeks we’ll look at them one by one –

Fire – Take a daily dose of sun and grab some vitamin D
Water – Hydration is fundamental and bathing is pretty important too!
Air – Fresh air, take it in with simple breathing exercises
Earth – Grounding through Meditation (the importance of controlling your thoughts and relaxing your mind) and Family (embrace your close relationships to share experiences and life milestones)
Exercise – There’s no denying how vital exercise is to health and we discuss several types with big benefits
Keeping it Simple – Bartering, working to support your lifestyle and reducing material stressors

Drinking water provides countless benefits to your body.

Water is the reason for the existence of life on earth. From human beings to animals, from tiny plants and huge trees to micro-organisms like bacteria, every living being on the planet requires water to survive.

Water is a vital nutrient for your body. The body comprises about 60 percent of water, therefore, you must always ensure to keep yourself well hydrated so your body functions properly.

Although the benefits of water are many, drinking adequate amount of water is crucial for you as it proves to be an asset for your body.

Facts about consuming water

  • Water facilitates the removal of harmful toxins and waste materials from the body
  • Drinking moderate amount of water can help you to lose weight
  • Water assists in regulating your body temperature
  • Water carries oxygen to your brain

Benefits of drinking adequate water every day

  • Drinking about 2 to 3 litres of water daily boosts your skin quality and enhances your complexion
  • Water forms the mucus and saliva in the mouth and keeps the eyes and nose moist which prevents damage due to friction
  • Your digestive system depends on water, so apart from eating healthily, you must also drink enough water to ensure that your digestive system functions appropriately
  • Water facilitates your body to assimilate vitamins, minerals, amino aids, lipids and more

In addition to drinking water, taking a hot or cold shower has also been proven to have various perks for your body.

Taking a shower reduces fatigue in the body and can improve your heart health. A shower after a lazy day can help you get the blood actively flowing through the body. A study has proven that taking a bath can trigger Stress Induced Analgesia which reduces pain. Getting in the shower is also beneficial for your brain as it promotes memory, learning, maintenance and growth of nerve cells.

Water is a vital element to lead a joyful life. Healthy eating is key, and the proper intake of water is also necessary to keep dehydration and diseases at bay. In addition to this, taking a shower in natural water is also essential to maintain the cleanliness and health of your skin and hair.

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