Which common food additive could be harming your health?

According to a recent study, it has been found that a common food additive which is found in over 900 food products including mayonnaise and chewing gum might be doing serious damage to the health of people. It might also lead to various serious diseases like cancer. 

The study was conducted by the University of Sydney. It has been found that the additive E171 is being commonly used in most of the food products along with some medicines as a whitening agent. It might lead to substantial influence on the health of human beings. The white food colorant, known as E171 is composed of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide. The health experts of France are so much concerned about its effects that the Government is going to ban it from next year.

The study found out that with consumption of food containing E171 has an adverse effect on gut microbiota. It is among the trillions of the bacteria that inhabit in the gut and can trigger various bowel diseases along with bowel cancer.

According to Dr Wojciech Chrzanowski from the pharmacy school of the university, continuous exposure to titanium dioxide impacts the composition of gut microbiota. It acts as the gatekeeper of human health and thus any change in its composition directly influences overall human health. Diseases like dementia, cancer metastasis, auto-immune diseases, autism, asthma and eczema are among the list that has been directly linked to the exposure to nanoparticles. 

According to Associate Professor Laurence Macia, the consumption of E171 needs to be regulated. She said that their research has shown that titanium dioxide interacts with gut bacteria and impairs many of their functions which might result in the development of various serious diseases. She also said that the study found out that nanoparticles do not change gut microbiota composition but alter the growth of bacteria. 

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