Why are emotions important for women when making financial decisions?

eposted with permission from As Good As Gold Women – the first precious metals company in the world dedicated solely to helping women find their financial freedom by purchasing gold and silver.

When it comes to finances, why do emotions play an important part of decision-making for women?

Sue is a successful businesswoman who learned the value of self-education, but not before she realised she needed to conquer her fears around money.

When her father passed away, Sue remembers how alone she felt, but also recalls the daunting realisation that she and her mother had – no idea about organising their finances!

We don’t grow from being ‘safe’, as Sue describes in our interview. Sometimes the best learning is by doing something different – this is what she describes as truly empowering.

Often we take things for granted.  We all work hard for our money – how can we guarantee it will be there for us in the future, when we really need it?

As Sue advises, “we owe it to ourselves to become smarter about our finances, especially about our financial future”….sage words from a woman who has definitely succeeded empowering herself.

Watch this week’s video featuring Sue to understand:

  • Why is gold and silver the ‘safer’ option to build wealth?
  • Why is self-education around finances more important than ever?
  • How doing something different can lead to self-empowerment…
  • Ssshhhh! Don’t tell anyone about your secret…..
  • You don’t have to declare your precious metals purchase to anyone – it can be your secret to financial freedom, no-one needs to know!

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